Can you drink cold coffee?

In this text, we will provide you the answer to the question “Can you drink cold coffee?”. In addition, we will discuss issues related to this topic such as whether there are differences in terms of health benefits or harms between the consumption of hot and cold coffee.

Can you drink cold coffee?

Yes, you can drink cold coffee. There is no difference between the benefits of the hot and cold versions. Cold or hot coffee would protect the liver and brain and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Just drink it in moderation — about three cups a day.

When was cold coffee invented?

Cold coffee consumption started with European soldiers. That’s because they took the coffee to the battlefield, and they couldn’t always reheat the drink. 

In this way, they ended up getting used to drinking the cold drink anyway, and they took this habit home after the wars.

This explains why iced coffee is so popular across Europe. Nowadays, cold drinks are consumed all over the world, being very successful mainly in the United States and Japan. In fact, in Asian countries, the iced coffee market surpasses even the soft drink market.

Does cold coffee have caffeine?

Yes, cold coffee has caffeine. First of all, cold coffee has nothing to do with the one spent in the morning and enjoyed in the afternoon. It consists of a series of techniques and recipes that have been developed to prepare a more refreshing drink, preserving the characteristics of good coffee.

Cold coffee is extremely refreshing, without losing the caffeine, acidity or sweetness of the product. One of the most used techniques in its preparation is the cold brew, in which the coffee is soaked for eight to 12 hours and then it is extracted with ice water, with the aid of a drip – a drip faucet that the barista can control the number of drops per second. 

The longer in contact with water, the greater the extraction of caffeine.

The practice of cold coffee is gaining more and more consumers. There are already coffee shops bottling cold brew to serve ice cream and drink at any time of day.

Cold brewed coffee combines very well with tonic water. It can also be consumed with a dose of gin, turning the coffee into a drink. Orange juice or the fruit slice itself can also be added, intensifying the freshness and flavor of the coffee. For those who like to add milk, a good tip is a frappuccino – with whipped milk, ice, coffee and chocolate.

There is also the mocha freddo, a glass assembled with chocolate syrup, ice, milk and foam, finished with a note of espresso. It will delight the eyes and the palate.

Served traditionally hot, coffee is not seen as a summer refreshment drink. But will the trend of including the grain in the recipe for cold drinks — like frappuccino and cold brew.

Caffeine tends to stimulate a generation of heat in the body and speed up metabolism. As an alternative to refresh, it is best to opt for the decaf version.

How much cold coffee can I drink to not be bad for me?

You can drink three to four cups of cold coffee per day to not be bad for you.  The consensus is that the maximum recommended amount of caffeine per day ranges from 300 to 400g, roughly three to four cups of brewed coffee.

But it is always important to remember that it is not just coffee that has caffeine in its composition. So, it is important to be careful not to exceed the recommended amount of the substance by the consumption of other foods.

What are the benefits of cold coffee?

The benefits of cold coffee are:

  • Stimulant
  • Improves concentration
  • Helps in physical performance
  • Helps the respiratory system
  • Prevents eye spasm
  • Helps fight cancer (due to antioxidant effect)
  • Prevents depression
  • Decreases risk of death from cirrhosis

Like hot coffee, cold coffee is an extremely important source of energy. Drinking cold coffee is healthier. Above all, it’s healthier for the stomach and tooth enamel, as the acidity of hot coffee is more harmful. So, being cold, the acidity decreases. And once in the body, it helps digestion and feel better.

Can I drink iced coffee after tooth extraction?

Yea, you can drink iced coffee after tooth extraction. The consumption of iced foods or drinks is indicated, after surgical procedures such as the extraction of a tooth for example. 

However, it is good to avoid hot foods for 7 to 10 days after extraction. Thus, the hot coffee is not indicated.

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In this text, we provided you the answer to the question “Can you drink cold coffee?”. In addition, we discussed issues related to this topic such as whether there are differences in terms of health benefits or harms between the consumption of hot and cold coffee.