Can you defrost pork and refreeze?

In this brief guide, we will delve into the question “can you defrost pork and refreeze?”. We will also highlight how to properly and safely defrost pork in the microwave, cold water and refrigerator. We will also touch on how to refreeze defrosted pork in the best manner.

Can you defrost pork and refreeze?

Yes, you can defrost pork and refreeze. This could be done in three different and safe ways using the refrigerator, cold water (in an airtight or leak-proof bag), and the microwave. Key guidelines and precautions must be taken when defrosting by any of the methods above to ensure its safety. The method of defrosting also tells how the meat can be refrozen.

How can you properly defrost pork in the microwave?

Thawing by microwave comes in highly recommended as a proper and safe way to defrost pork meat. However, It is advisable to defrost pork using the microwave when you are ready to cook the pork immediately. Let us see the necessary steps required for properly defrosting in the microwave.

  • Firstly, remove the frozen pork meat from the freezer as well as the freezer bag in which the meat was stored. Also, remove any external plastic material that may be covering it.
  • Now, place the meat in a microwaveable bowl with a lid and cover the pork.
  • Place the bowl with its content into the microwave and begin to thaw using the defrost setting.
  • Thaw your meat in the microwave slowly for 2 minutes, pause defrosting to allow the meat to cool and continue defrosting until eventually the pork is fully defrosted. The process in total will last for about 4 minutes or more depending on the quantity of pork you are defrosting.

Is microwave defrosting pork safe?

The method of defrosting pork in the microwave is safe only if done rightly. To ensure safety when defrosting in the microwave, the following actions are required.

  • Only defrost your pork in a microwave safe bowl and not plastic wraps to avoid the heat from releasing harmful substances from the plastic into the meat.
  • Thaw the pork using the defrosting power button or an adjusted reduced power of 20 to 30%. 
  • You must defrost slowly at time intervals to avoid overheating and cooking pork which exposes it to the danger zone temperatures not suitable for consumption. 

How can you properly defrost pork using cold water?

This method of defrosting is slower than the microwave method but faster than the use of refrigeration to defrost pork. The method also needs maximum attention. 

  • Before defrosting pork with cold water, one needs to be extra protective of the pork. First, remove the pork from the freezer and put it into a plastic bag, then seal or tighten it effectively. 
  • Place the plastic bag which contains the pork to be defrosted into the cold water from a tap. 
  • While about 1 pound of pork can completely be thawed within 60 minutes, 2 to 5 pounds will take 3 hours and beyond to be done properly. 

Is defrosting pork in cold water safe?

Defrosting pork in cold water is safe if done properly and crucial tips are followed. Here is a list of tips to ensure safety when defrosting in cold water.

  • Always defrost your pork meat protected with a watertight bag to prevent bacteria from the surrounding from getting into contact with the meat, an unfortunate incident can contaminate the pork. 
  • Again, seal the plastic bag effectively which will prevent water from entering the meat and resulting in the pork tissue turning into a watery product. 
  • Always make sure to change the cold water in turns of half an hour as it continues to thaw. 

How can you properly defrost pork using the refrigerator?

The use of a refrigerator to defrost pork is a method that requires a lot of time. The method is safest even though it is very slow and produces the best results. The following steps are essential for properly defrosting pork in the fridge.

  • To defrost pork in the fridge, take the meat out of the freezer and place it on a plate to collect any liquid dripping that may come during thawing.
  • Place the pork meat on the plate at the lowest bottom rack of the fridge for a slow and effective thawing which will be completed overnight or between 6 to 8 hours. 

Is it safe to defrost pork in the fridge?

Defrosting pork using the refrigerator is the most ideal and safest method, however, one needs to consider the following assumptions to defrost the pork very well. 

  • Firstly, one must understand that some parts of the pork will be colder than other parts.
  • Secondly, the pork will defrost faster in a fridge set at a higher temperature than in a fridge set at a lower temperature.
  • Pork defrosted using the refrigerator is safe to be stored inside the fridge for the next 24 hours before cooking. 

How to properly refreeze thawed pork? 

Thawed pork can be refrozen if one is not able to use them all. However, different methods used in thawing determine the proper way to refreeze a particular pork product.

  • When pork is thawed by the microwave and cold water methods, it is most appropriate to cook immediately after thawing before considering refreezing.
  • When pork is thawed by the refrigeration methods, it can be refrozen raw and uncooked or even cooked before refreezing.


In this blog we have answered the question “can you defrost pork and refreeze”? The brief guide has highlighted that indeed we can defrost pork properly and safely in three major ways. We have also discussed how to properly refreeze pork after thawing to ensure its safety.