Can you defrost phyllo dough in the microwave?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the question “can you defrost phyllo dough in the microwave?”, what phyllo dough is, its history, what meals to prepare with your phyllo dough, how to defrost phyllo in the microwave, alternative ways to defrost your phyllo dough and tips to ensure a good and quality defrosted phyllo dough.

Can you defrost phyllo dough in the microwave?

Yes, it is possible to defrost your phyllo dough in the microwave for any recipe to be prepared. This microwave method of defrosting is the quickest and easiest way when you don’t have the luxury of time. 

It equally produces a great and successfully defrosted phyllo dough if the right instructions are adhered to. 

What is phyllo dough?

Phyllo dough consists of very thin unleavened dough, containing several layers of a sheet and stacked together for preparing a variety of pastries dishes. The dough is made from the ingredients of flour, water and a little amount of oil. 

Homemade phyllo dough can be laborious but commercially produced ones are quite easy because of the advanced technologies involved. Commercially produced phyllo dough is commonly available in frozen forms for home applications.  

What is the history of phyllo dough?

Phyllo dough is a popular component of Greek and middle eastern dishes. Phyllo may also be pronounced as filo. The two words are a westernised translation of the Greek word “leaf”, due to the thin and flat nature of phyllo dough.  

What dishes can you use your phyllo dough to prepare?

Phyllo dough can be used in the preparation of several varieties of pastries for your breakfast meals or even desserts. A properly defrosted phyllo dough is popularly used to make baklava and spanakopita. 

Other pastry dishes prepared from phyllo dough include borek, banitsa, bougatsa, bulbul yuvasi bundevara, flia, galaktoboureko, gibanica, pastizzi, tiropita, zelnik and more.

How to properly defrost phyllo dough in the microwave?

The microwave alternative of defrosting phyllo dough is always our go to when you have limited time to prepare your pastry for breakfast or snack time. 

To properly defrost your phyllo dough in the microwave, some brands give systematic procedures to follow. If that isn’t available you can confidently follow these steps to get your phyllo dough properly defrosted for a great experience. 

  • To start, remove your phyllo dough from the freezer and take off any box packaging covering them. Ensure you keep the plastic wrapping on them for proper defrosting. Then, place your wrapped dough in a microwave safe bowl and push it into the microwave.
  • Now, you can defrost your phyllo dough using the defrost setting of the microwave or adjust the microwave power setting to the low power of 30 to 50%, then microwave for 45 to 60 seconds or more depending on the amount you are preparing. 
  • When your phyllo dough is completely defrosted, remove them from the microwave, and take off the plastic wrap, then you are ready to separate the layers of sheets from each other.
  • If you need to prepare the other ingredients required for your meal, you may cover the defrosted phyllo dough with aluminium foil or wax paper and a damp kitchen towel to keep them moist. 

What other ways can you defrost your phyllo dough?

In the absence of a microwave or when you have the luxury of time to meal prep before making your pastries, you may use refrigeration or cold water defrosting methods. Below are details of how these methods can be achieved successfully.

Defrosting by refrigeration

This refrigeration method of defrosting is the lengthiest and requires about 6 to 8 hours or overnight thawing to achieve results. This method is, however, the most reliable to produce the best of results. 

  • To do this, you only have to remove your frozen phyllo dough from the freezer and unbox them from the secondary packaging leaving the plastic wrap on. 
  • Place the phyllo dough in a container and stack them on the bottom rack of your refrigerator for several hours to achieve optimum results. 
  • When the phyllo dough is fully defrosted, bring them out of the fridge and start to separate the layers of the sheet from one another.

Defrosting in cold water

Alternatively, one can use cold water to defrost their phyllo dough if you can’t use the refrigeration process. This process can be equally simple and requires about 1 to 2 hours to have a properly thawed phyllo dough. 

  • To do this, ensure you remove your phyllo dough from any box packaging leaving the plastic wrap intact. 
  • Again, wrap them inside a leak proof bag and place them into a bowl containing cold water. You must ensure the phyllo is wrapped in a leak proof bag to avoid your phyllo being ruined by the presence of water. 
  • Ensure you change the cold water after every 30 minutes until defrosting is completely done. 
  • When the phyllo is properly thawed, you can unwrap them, separate the layers of sheets and use for your meals. 

What tips to take and ensure achieving a good and quality defrosted phyllo dough?

Below is a list of essential tips to obtain a good and quality defrosted phyllo dough. If these tips are ignored you will end up with ruined phyllo dough which cannot be used. The tips include

  • Never defrost the phyllo dough at room temperature as this hastens the process. When defrosting at room temperature, the phyllo dough thawed quickly which allows excess water from condensation to wet the dough. In such situations, they stick together making them usable.
  • Never defrost in the microwave at a very high temperature as this will result in some parts of the dough drying out and frozen in the centre. This will ruin your phyllo and make them unable to separate from one other.
  • Never attempt to separate the phyllo dough if they are not completely thawed. If the phyllo dough is not completely thawed and you try to separate them, they stick together, tear or even crack in the process.

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In this brief guide, we have discussed the question “can you defrost phyllo dough in the microwave”, what is phyllo dough, its history, the meals that can be prepared from phyllo dough, how to properly defrost phyllo in the microwave, alternatives to microwave defrosting of phyllo dough and some tips to ensure a good and quality defrosted phyllo dough.


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