Can you defrost pesto in the microwave?

In this brief guide we will discussion the question “can you defrost pesto in the microwave”, what is a pesto, how to defrost pesto in the microwave and its safety, the precautions to take to ensure defrosting in the microwave is a success, alternative methods to defrosting pesto and the end use of the defrosted pesto.

Can you defrost pesto in the microwave?

A pesto can be defrosted in the microwave in a matter of seconds when it is most needed. This process of defrosting a pesto is the quickest method and carried out with so much ease. 

You will only need to push the pesto in a microwave safe bowl and press the defrost button to have your sauce ready for your meals.

What is a pesto?

Pesto is a sauce made from the mixing of ingredients like garlic, basil leaves, pine nuts, salt, hard cheese and olive oil. Mostly, pestos are prepared from fresh ingredients, freezing method suits best for extending their shelf life. 

Your pesto requires no cooking and yet gives a true amazing experience when served with different kinds of pasta dishes.

How to defrost your pesto in the microwave?

The microwave method of defrosting several frozen foods is the modern and fastest technique to use. Once you want to defrost your pesto sauce, the following steps may be followed.

  • Pour the pesto into a microwave safe container and cover with its lid and push it inside the microwave at the defrosting setting for 20 to 30 seconds. The method takes a shorter time because pesto sauces don’t freeze very hard during freezing. 
  • If the microwave does not have the defrost button, change the power setting of your microwave to 30% to thaw for 20 to 30 seconds. Your pesto is successfully defrosted in a few seconds and ready for use.

How safe is it to defrost pesto in the microwave?

It is absolutely safe to defrost your pesto in the microwave. It must be your topmost duty to follow the right instructions whilst adhering to the necessary precautions to have a safely defrosted pesto for your pasta dishes.

What precautions can you take when defrosting your pesto in the microwave?

To get your pesto out of the microwave wholesomely, ensure you adhere to these precautions to maintain its quality.

  • It is very important to defrost your pesto only at the low power setting of the microwave by using the defrost button or adjusting the microwave’s full power to about 30% power.
  • You must not defrost for long periods, be sure to bring out or remove the pesto intermittently from the microwave and stir for uniform distribution of heat and quick defrosting. An extended period of defrosting will only dry out and cook the sauce and compromise its quality.
  • Do not defrost your pesto sauce in the microwave without covering it. By covering the sauce in the bowl, you ensure a quick transfer of heat through the sauce and prevent moisture loss from the sauce since it is made from fresh ingredients. This also allows defrosting to be completed quickly. 
  • Most importantly, you must only defrost the specific amount of pesto you can consume immediately. Thawing more than needed and returning the defrosted sauce to the freezer may expose pesto to the danger zone. In this situation, the growth of bacteria may be encouraged to lead to food poisoning once consumed. 

Can your pesto be defrosted in any other way besides the use of the microwave?

You can defrost your pesto just like any food using the alternatives of refrigerator thawing or even the cold water thawing. These techniques take a relatively longer time compared to the microwave method. 

  • Defrosting your pesto in the refrigerator may take approximately an hour to defrost considering the amount needed and it’s ready to be used as your condiment.
  • Likewise, defrosting by the cold water method will mean waiting for 20 to 30 minutes to get your pesto well defrosted and ready for your meals.

Can you use the pesto without defrosting?

It is highly possible to use your frozen pesto without carrying out any of the defrosting steps mentioned above. You are only required to drop a cube or more of your frozen pesto on a warm pasta dish or even one under the application of low heat and stir to mix well. Be sure not to cook your pesto as you may compromise the texture and quality.  

What is the end use of the defrosted pesto sauce?

The defrosted pesto sauce is your perfect condiment for your pasta dishes on any day in no time. It equally provides an amazing experience when used as an additional ingredient for your more complex dishes. Similarly, they can be used as dip in some meals. 

Finally, ensure you consume all the pesto you defrosted immediately and never let your defrosted pesto sit at room temperature as bacterial growth may be favoured. You must also avoid sending your defrosted pesto back to the freezer for refreezing.

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In this brief guide, we discussed the question “ can you defrost pesto in the microwave”, what pesto is, how to defrost pesto in the microwave and its safety as well as the necessary precautions to take in defrosting your pesto, the other ways of defrosting pesto and the end use of your defrosted pesto.