Can you defrost peas before cooking?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “can you defrost peas before cooking?”  and other queries related to this topic.

Can you defrost peas before cooking? 

Yes, you can defrost peas before cooking, however, it is unnecessary. You can directly add your peas to your dish during the cooking process and then the ice will thaw due to the high temperature and will end up having completely cooked peas. 

Yet, do not add it frozen to your pan if you want to make a saute. The major difference in temperature between the frozen peas and the very hot pan might be risky and in the end, you might cause the pan to crack.

Frozen peas can be added easily to your recipe and they go with many different dishes like stews and as a side dish such as sauteed with butter and garlic. Along with the ability to add them easily to the recipes, the quality of frozen peas might be better than fresh peas.

The reason is that frozen peas are frozen at their peak time when their taste and texture are the best. Moreover, they are flash-frozen which will preserve the nutrients in the product as well as their taste, texture, and shape. Also, you rarely see ice crystals within these products.

Furthermore, frozen peas are way better than canned peas. Canned peas contain additives and high levels of sodium, hence frozen peas do not contain any extra added ingredients during the freezing process. Make sure before using canned peas to wash them with clean water to remove the preservatives.

Besides, in the store or the supermarket, you will find sweet peas and petite peas. The difference between these two types is very easy. Sweet peas are the traditional peas that everyone knows, however, petite peas are smaller in size and sweeter in taste than sweet peas.

Nevertheless, peas can be defrosted in the microwave. To do it, place your frozen peas in a microwave-safe container and pour over them a little bit of water and then turn the microwave on. The time needed depends on the quantity you are willing to thaw.

Turn it first for one minute and then check on it. If the peas have thawed completely you can remove them. However, if they do not thaw, repeat this procedure while checking on them regularly. Do not worry if the peas turn hot because you will be cooking them afterward.

How to cook peas?

There are many different ways to cook your peas, regardless if you have purchased them frozen or fresh. The first method is by using the microwave, so put your fresh or frozen peas in a microwave-safe dish and pour one or two tablespoons of water over them.

Cover the bowl or the plate with a wet napkin or towel and place the peas in the microwave for about three to five minutes. After the time is up check their degree of doneness. If they are not fully cooked, stir them and place the plate or the bowl once again in the microwave for an extra time.

The time needed for the peas to be tender depends on the time you have already set and the quantity you want to cook. When the peas are done remove the bowl from the microwave, drain the extra water, season the peas with salt butter, or any spices of your choice, and serve them.

The second method is by boiling the peas. To do it, put water in a pan and keep it on heat until the water starts boiling. Next, add the peas to the boiling water, cover the pan with the lid and keep the peas simmering in the water for around five minutes. Check their tenderness.

If you feel that the peas need extra time, keep them until they are completely done. Drain your cooked peas, season them and serve them. The thirst method is by sauteing the peas. As previously stated, try to not add frozen peas to your pan because it might crack.

However, to saute the peas, add butter to your pan and let it melt at medium heat. Then add your defrosted peas and let them cook in the butter for about five minutes. Check the tenderness of your peas and then season them with salt, pepper, or any herb of your choice.

The fourth method is by steaming the peas. Bring a pan and fill half of it with water and bring it to a boil. Once the water starts to boil add a colander or a steamer basket over it and pour the peas. Then cover the pan with the cap and leave the peas for about four to five minutes.

Check on them regularly and keep the peas in the steamer until they are tender and done. Remove the steamer or the colander containing the peas, season them with butter or spices and serve them.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “can you defrost peas before cooking?” and other queries related to this topic.