Can you defrost mozzarella in the microwave?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “can you defrost mozzarella in the microwave?”  and other queries related to this topic.

Can you defrost mozzarella in the microwave? 

Yes, you can defrost mozzarella or any type of cheese in the microwave. This method is very easy and can be done quickly. All you have to do is put your frozen mozzarella on a microwave-safe plate and then in the microwave.

Before turning on your microwave, change the settings into defrosting mode. Set the timer for twenty-second and turn the microwave on. When the first twenty seconds are done open your microwave and check if the mozzarella has been thawed completely or not.

However, if the cheese is not completely defrosted, put it back in the microwave and keep repeating until you reach the needed result. Be very attentive when thawing your mozzarella in the microwave because extra time and heat might ruin your cheese.

Using the microwave to defrost your mozzarella cheese is very convenient and rapid in case you were in a rush and you need a quick method for defrosting because other methods might take several hours but this one takes only a few seconds.

Can I defrost mozzarella in the refrigerator?

Yes, defrosting mozzarella in the refrigerator is the best method to thaw your cheese while preserving its texture and taste. However, it might take some time to be completely defrosted because you need to remove the mozzarella cheese a few hours from the freezer before using it.

To defrost your mozzarella cheese in the refrigerator, you need to remove it from the freezer. Once the cheese is outside the freezer you need to remove any extra packaging like aluminum or plastic wrap and place the mozzarella on a plate.

Put the pate in the refrigerator, you should wait between six to twenty-four hours until your mozzarella has been thawed completely. The time needed for the mozzarella cheese to be defrosted depends on whether it has been shredded or stored as pieces in the freezer.

So, the bigger the pieces of mozzarella cheese stored the more they need time to be thawed. However, store the mozzarella cheese according to how you are willing to use them after thawing.

Besides, if you want to use your mozzarella in your salad, make sure to not over-thaw it like that it will become easier for you to cut it into pieces. Also, thawing cheese at low temperatures in the fridge will keep the freshness of the product without drying and losing its texture.

Can I defrost mozzarella in water?

Yes, you can defrost mozzarella in water. However, you should not use hot water to defrost your cheese. Your water should be at room temperature if you want to use this method for mozzarella cheese defrosting. 

Using hot water to defrost your cheese will decrease its quality and the taste of your cheese as well as increase the risk of bacterial growth within your food since bacteria prefer the warm temperature to proliferate. 

To defrost mozzarella using water, you should first remove the mozzarella from the freezer, unwrap it, and place your cheese inside a well-sealed freezer bag. Then, place the bag in a bowl filled with water and leave it for about thirty minutes or until it is completely defrosted.

Can I defrost mozzarella on the counter?

Yes, you can defrost your mozzarella on the counter but it is not safe, and it is advised to do it. Leaving for, and especially perishable food like mozzarella cheese, at room temperature over the counter for more than two hours will make your food inedible.

Bacteria are more likely to overgrow in warm and hot temperatures and thus lead to food poisoning. So, when you eat contaminated food you are more likely to become sick and develop symptoms like nausea, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.

However, if you want to thaw your cheese over the counter, remove your mozzarella cheese from the freezer and leave it inside the freezer bag. Do not open it and keep it well sealed. Like that the air can not get inside the bag and thus increasing the chance of contamination. 

If you open the cheese bag, the air can change the taste and the texture of your cheese and can make it dry and unpalatable. Also, to be completely defrosted the cheese needs between two to three hours.

The time needed depends on the size of your cheese, for example, shredded mozzarella does not need the same time a piece of mozzarella needs to be completely defrosted. The smaller your cheese pieces the less it needs time to be defrosted.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “can you defrost mozzarella in the microwave?” and other queries related to this topic.


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