Can you deep fry in the instant pot?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “can you deep fry in the instant pot” with an in-depth analysis of the consequences of deep-frying in an instant pot. Moreover, we are going to highlight what type of methods are supported by instant pots and what is not, and what things should be avoided while using instant pots for deep frying.

Can you deep fry in the instant pot?

No, you cannot deep fry in an instant pot because these pots do not support the deep frying cooking method. As we all know that everything is limited in some ways. The same is the case with instant pots as they do not heat the oil to the level desired for deep frying no matter how much you heat the oil.

The material and working principle of instant pots are not designed to support the boiling of oils that is required to heat and cook the foods throughout. But still, if you try to fry in these appliances, you may burn your food or even set your pot on fire.

Methods of frying supported by instant pots:

Pressure frying:

Pressure frying is a technique of cooking food through the combination of pressure cooking and deep frying methods. This method requires a high temperature as well as high pressure to heat the oil as well as cook the food.

Instant pots do not support this type of frying as there is no safety in elevating the temperature and pressure inside the pot by placing any weight on the pot or increasing too much heat. All these hacks can be dangerous and may result in an explosion.

Deep frying:

In deep frying, the food is cooked in a higher quantity of oils as compared to that in shallow or pan-frying. Instant pots are also not good for deep frying the foods as the material and thickness of the pots do not increase the temperature of the oil to the required level.


Pan-frying or sautéing is easily done in instant pots as it requires very little heat and oil to brown, sear, or sauté the food.

Instant pots:

An instant pot is a pressure cooker that is designed to carry out a lot of functions and cook a variety of foods, including roasting, preparing desserts, baking, and pan-frying. The designs and features also vary from design to design.

The instant pots work on different functions, including a slow cooker to cook the foods on high or low pressure, rice cooker, steamer, sautéing, yogurt maker, and warmer. There are also some additional programs, such as sous viding, egg making, cake making, and sterilizing, in instant pots.

Things not to be done on instant pots:

If you are trying to cook foods through techniques that are not supported by instant pots, you may likely end up destroying the quality, taste, or texture of the food. Some of the foods that should not be allowed to cook in the instant pots are as under.

Fried foods:

Most of the foods required to release their juices become tender, and crispy when fried in oil, which needs to be heated at an increased temperature which is not supported by the instant pots. Therefore, one should avoid frying foods in these pots.


Stir-frying vegetables is a technique that requires heating all the vegetable chunks or pieces at once and browning them, both of which are not possible in an instant pot. Moreover, due to the excessive juicy content of the vegetables, you cannot make your vegetables crispy.


Instant pots do not allow the cooking or making of sauces.

Pieces of bread:

Baking pieces of bread can be done but not considered too well as it can be cooked well but not become as crispy as that of the other cooking methods.


There is no if you are going to cook cookies in an instant pot as cookies require their surface to be completely exposed to heat. In instant pots, it is not possible to prepare the cookies in less time as you cannot stack cookies.


Cooking steak in an instant pot is also not favorable as it needs too much time.


Canning requires accurate pressure and temperature to prepare jams that are not possible with instant pots as it does not allow the safety of the jams.

You can find more about the precautionary measures that need to be considered while using the instant pots by visiting this link.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “can you deep fry in the instant pot” with an in-depth analysis of the deep-frying in an instant pot. Moreover, we discussed what types of methods are supported by instant pots and what are not, and what things should be avoided while using instant pots for deep frying.


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