Can you deep fry frozen pretzels?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “can you deep fry frozen pretzels” with an in-depth analysis of the recipes used for deep frying frozen pretzels. Moreover, we are going to highlight what is the recipe for deep frying frozen pretzels, what are pretzels, and what things need to be considered during deep-frying frozen pretzels.

Can you deep fry frozen pretzels?

Yes, you can deep fry the frozen pretzels. The frozen foods usually do not require too many preparations right before freezing. The frozen pretzels can be deeply fried easily by adjusting the temperature conditions slightly.


The recipe for deep-fried pretzels includes three different preparatory sections including the formation of dough, syrup, and deep frying of pretzels.

Dough preparation:

  • Take 1 cup of all-purpose flour, ¼ teaspoon of salt, cold or lukewarm water, and a pinch of baking soda.
  • Combine all the ingredients mentioned above in a boil and knead them well with the help of a hand. Adjust the texture (thickness) by adding water if needed.
  • Take the kneaded dough and make small balls of up to 1-inch size. Now roll the ball to make at least a 10-inch rope.
  • Make a pretzel shape from each rope and allow it to sit for a few minutes on wax paper.
  • You can freeze the extra pretzels and can fry them later by just placing them in the hot oil.

Syrup preparation:

This is an additional step that you may add to your final recipe. The purpose of this syrup is to give your pretzels a sweet taste, just like jalebis, by dipping in it for a minute or two and taking it out of the deep fryer or pan.

  • Take water, sugar, and tartar cream in a saucepan and put the saucepan on the stove.
  • Let the mixture cook at medium heat. Continuously stir the solution gently to allow proper mixing of the nutrients.
  • Increase the heat to let it boil.
  • Once the temperature has reached about 220 degrees Fahrenheit, remove the pan from the heat. You can check the temperature by using a candy thermometer.
  • After removing from heat, add food coloring and rose water and properly stir the syrup.
  • Take out the mixture in a bowl and put it aside.

Deep frying of pretzels:

  • Take oil in a pan and place it on the stove.
  • Heat the oil for frying to about 360 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Place the pretzels one by one in the pan and fry them until they become golden brown.
  • Take a paper towel and drain the oil from pretzels on a paper towel.

Here you need to use the additional step done, that is formation of syrup. Either serve the pretzels as it is by sprinkling a little salt or sugar while they are hot or immediately dip them into the syrup after taking them out from the fryer.


Pretzels are a good snack that serves as an appetizer. These snacks can be prepared through a lot of different recipes, having variations in one or two steps.

Things to do during deep-frying:

Some of the tips that you need to consider while deep frying pretzels are as under:

  • The oils should be chosen with great care as they have specific flavors and these flavors can be infused into the food items.
  • The frozen foods can be deep-fried well. Some of the common frozen foods that can be deep-fried are French fries. The frozen foods are usually blanched before freezing, which is why they can be cooked in less time.
  • Oil should be filtered frequently while reusing. It is better to filter the oil after using or reusing it every time. storing the oils without straining them leaves the particles in the oils that impose burnt flavors to the oils, resulting in damaging the original flavors of oils.
  • The oil temperature should be adjusted differently for different foods as some need a high temperature to be cooked properly while others do not.

Things to be avoided during deep-frying:

  • Do not store your oil at room temperature as this may allow the growth of microbes on the oil. Moreover, the warm temperature also fastens the oxidation of oils.
  • The ice crystals that appeared on the top should be removed as they may stick to the container or hands.
  • Don’t skip cleaning the oils after using them for frying each time.
  • Do not stack your fryer basket with too much food as this will inhibit the proper ventilation and flow of oil to each part of the food.

You can find do’s and don’ts of frying here.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “can you deep fry frozen pretzels” with an in-depth analysis of the recipes used for deep frying the frozen pretzels. Moreover, we discussed what pretzels are, how you can prepare them, and what things need to be done and avoided while preparing frozen pretzels.