Can you cook two things in the oven at once? (+5 Tips)

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you cook two things in the oven at once?”, and what to cook together at each temperature? 

Can you cook two things in the oven at once?

Yes, you can cook two things in the oven at once. The first thing you need to consider in this regard is a consistent temperature. For example, when you are baking two cakes at once in the oven, make sure both of them require the same oven temperature for baking. Then you need to maintain this specific temperature inside the oven.

For foods that only require heating, you can modify the temperature. If you plan to cook two foods at once in the oven, go for non-baked goods like meat and steak. 

For example, you have a poultry dish whose safe internal temperature is 145℉ and you have a ground beef casserole dish that needs to be heated to 160℉ from within, according to the food safety guidelines by the USDA. You can safely cook both of these food items in the oven at once until they reach their safe internal temperature.

Time and taste considerations 

Cooking time is very important in the case of baked goods like cakes and pies unlike non-baked goods like meats. To counter this problem, place that food item first in the oven that has a longer cooking time. Make sure the oven is preheated though. Then the dish with the shorter cooking time should go inside the oven.

If you are cooking two cakes or pies at once, and you have a more efficient heating system at the top of the oven, swap places of these two cakes or pies midway through the baking.

Never put two foods in the oven at once with contrasting flavors. 

For example, an apple pie with meat covered in garlic and/or other pungent-smelling ingredients should never be placed in the oven at once.

Food safety tips 

Food that needs to be heated to a safe internal temperature to eliminate the risk of food-borne illness should never be paired with another dish. For example, for raw or uncooked beef, poultry, veal, fish, ham, and lamb, the minimum safe internal temperature limit is 145℉. It is 165℉ for poultry products, as per the FDA. 

Tips for cooking multiple dishes in your oven

Don’t trust that dial

The dial doesn’t tell you the accurate temperature of the inside of the oven. It varies with how much your oven is filled with food and how long the door is left open. Invest in a good thermometer instead.

Leave some room 

A reasonable distance between the dishes and between the dishes and inside of the oven is important to allow the heat to circulate to cook food evenly.  The sheet pan, for catching drips, should lay flat on the bottom.

Match the food to the dish 

The food should perfectly fit inside the pan or dish. The pan or dish should not have too much extra space. This will ensure your food gets browned thoroughly.

Meet in the middle 

If a dish requires to be roasted at 325°F and the other requires to be roasted at 375°F. Take the average and roast the food at 350°F. However, when baking, use the exact temperature.

Do a dry run 

Before turning on the oven, place the dishes and adjust the racks in the oven to check If they fit or not. Adjust the racks according to the dish. For example, the dish that requires a crispy bottom needs to go on the bottom while those that require to be browned from the top should be placed on the top rack.

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What to cook together at each temperature?

300 degrees 

At this temperature, tomatoes can be roasted whilst baking apple slices to make chips. At this temperature, you can also bake egg whites for pavlova or braise tough cuts of meat e.g a delicious pot roast.

350 degrees

This temperature can be sued to make chewy chocolate chip cookies, broccoli casserole, or roasts a chicken. This temperature is perfect for browning. However, It won’t burn your food.

400 degrees 

This temperature is made for fish and vegetables. Bake salmon or fish fillets, roast cut vegetables, roast garlic, sweet potatoes, or beets after wrapping them in foil.

450 degrees

Such a high temperature is perfect to create crisp rust on bread and pizzas. Bake Brooklyn-style brick oven pizza at this temperature. Do not forget to wear oven mitts because safety first!


In this article, we answered the question “Can you cook two things in the oven at once?”, and what to cook together at each temperature? 


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