Can you cook kebabs on the stove?

In this brief guide, we’ll address the query, “Can you cook kebabs on the stove?” We’ll also explore how kebabs can be cooked on the stove, what are the advantages of cooking kebabs on the stove, what other ways kebabs can be cooked, and discuss what aspects should be taken into account when cooking kebabs on a stove. 

Can you cook kebabs on the stove? 

Yes, kebabs can be cooked on the stove. As an alternative to outdoor grilling, air frying, or baking, kebabs can be prepared over a skillet, on a stovetop. 

Kebabs can be cooked on the stove at medium to high heat and slowly turned to evenly brown the skewers. The cooking time will vary depending on the type of meat skewered, and the heat applied, but in general, using a skillet to prepare kebabs takes a few minutes.

How can I cook kebabs on the stove? 

Stove-cooked kebabs, or skillet kebabs, while in essence the same as kebabs cooked with other methods, can be prepared by following these few outlines: 

The meat and vegetables should be sliced into evenly shaped morsels. The more evenly sized the ingredients are, the better surface contact they’ll have with the skillet when cooking. 

Once sliced, the ingredients can be placed on the skewers. Marinating them is not necessary, as skillet-cooked kebabs don’t require soaking in a marinade before cooking, as they’re cooked with butter and oil.  

Once the skewers are ready, the butter and oil should be warmed in the skillet at medium-high heat, and the kebabs should be placed in the oiled basin. After about 8 to 10 minutes of supervised cooking and turning of the kebabs, the skewered ingredients will have evenly browned and therefore cooked.

During cooking the kebabs can be sprinkled with seasonings such as ground pepper, ground herbs, and salt, or if the instructions call for it, other ingredients such as wine or vinegar. 

The kebabs can be removed from the pan and a piece of meat cut open to check the color and consistency, in order to avoid undercooking. If necessary, they can be placed back in the skillet and cooked for 2-5 more minutes. 

Once cooked, they can be placed on a serving platter to cool, and once cooled, the kebabs are ready to be served.  

Another method involves browning the ingredients by sautéeing them all in the pan, and once cooled, the kebabs can be assembled by skewering the ingredients before serving. 

What are the advantages of cooking kebabs on the stove? 

Cooking kebabs on the stove, as an alternative to grilling, baking, or air frying, allows you to season them while they cook, rather than preparing a marinade mixture and leaving the ingredients to soak overnight. 

It also makes the process less laborious as it dispenses not only with marinating but also with the need for a grill or an appliance such as an air fryer and the added time of preheating an oven for use. 

What other ways can kebabs be cooked? 

Alternatively, kebabs can be cooked by:

Grilling – the food is placed directly over a heat source, most commonly, a flame lit on charcoal, wood, or a gas burner. This cooking method is valued for conferring kebabs with an outdoor, smokey taste, and is most common for social gatherings and outdoor cookouts.

Air frying – which requires an air fryer- allows for rapidly cooking each skewer and eliminates the need for lighting a charcoal or propane grill, which is ideal for reducing the total fat content in kebabs, as well as the likelihood of charring or overcooking the meat and other ingredients.

Baking –  alludes to cooking kebabs with dry heat in an oven, rather than over an open flame, which if not handled properly, may char meat and spoil the kababs. Baking causes the gradual evaporation of the ingredients’ water content, which means that one can dispense with the need for added fat. 

What aspects should I consider if cooking kebabs on a stove? 

Cooking kebabs on a stove may not be recommended for patients with high cholesterol, as the oil and/or butter used for sautéeing may increase the dish’s total fat content. Also, it’s not recommended for fatty liver or diabetic patients, but rather, other cooking options should be considered. 

In any case, eating stove-cooked kebabs should be done sparingly, and as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. 


In this brief article, we’ve explored the query “Can you cook kebabs on the stove?” We’ve also addressed how kebabs can be cooked on the stove, what are the advantages of cooking kebabs on the stove, what other ways kebabs can be cooked, as well as discussed what aspects should be taken into account when cooking kebabs on a stove. 


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