Can you cook jambons in an air fryer?

In this brief guide, we’ll explore the query: “Can you cook jambons in an air fryer?” We’ll also address how jambons can be cooked in an air fryer, what jambons are, what their nutritional content is, and if eating jambons is healthy. 

Can you cook jambons in an air fryer? 

Yes, jambons can be cooked in an air fryer. Per the design of these appliances, food that doesn’t have a wet batter can be cooked in an air fryer basket, and the results are crisp, lightly browned food that has less overall fat than fried or sautéed foods. 

How can I cook jambons in an air fryer? 

It’s possible to cook jambons in an air fryer, similarly to the way turnovers can be air fried. When cooked in this appliance, the pastry dough obtains a crispy, flaky texture that is cooked in less time than if placed inside a conventional oven.   

Jambons are composed of three ingredients: diced ham, grated cheese, pre-made puff pastry dough, and if homemade, battered eggs which will be used for the filling and can later be used to apply a finishing coating before air frying. 

The filling is first prepared by adding ham and grated cheese into a bowl with battered eggs. 

The pastry sheets should then be cut into squares (ideally, between 3 and 3.5 inches in size). Once the squares are cut, a spoonful of filling can be placed in the middle of each square. 

After all the pastry sheets have been filled, the corners of each one should be folded in so that they all meet at the center of the square, and can be slightly pinched so that they stick together. 

Now, the folded jambons are ready to be coated with a battered egg, before being placed in the air fryer basket. 

Depending on the brand and air fryer specifications, varying times may cook, but we’re noting the air frying times of turnovers as a reference point, as they are made of similar pastry dough. 

On average, it should take between 6 to 10 minutes to cook each side, at a temperature of 180°C, however, we encourage readers to keep a close eye when air frying, and record the elapsed time, once the jambons have reached the desired color and consistency. 

What are jambons?

A jambon is a square-shaped pastry made with cheese and ham, and they take their name from the french word for ham, –jambon.- In Ireland and some locations in the United Kingdom, they are commonly sold in delicatessens. 

Jambons are composed of three ingredients: ham, cheese, and pre-made puff pastry dough, though this can also be made from scratch using flour, yeast, eggs, milk, and butter. Jambons are a popular breakfast pastry and best served warm, with morning coffee. 

What is the nutritional content of jambons

The nutritional content of jambons may vary in accordance with what cheese and ham are used but the golden bake brand (premade and frozen) jambons contain (per 100 grams): 

  • 321 kilocalories
  • 20 grams of fat (of which 9.7 grams are saturated)
  • 26 grams of carbohydrates (of which 2.3 grams are sugars, and 2 grams is fiber)
  • 8.3 grams of protein
  • 1.3 grams of salt

These proportions may differ between brands, or in homemade batches, per the amount and type of butter used, as well as the ham and the cheese’s salt content. 

Is eating jambons healthy? 

While jambons are rich in calories and are ideally eaten for breakfast, they are rich in saturated fat, and processed meat. Per NHS guidelines, the daily intake of processed meat should not exceed 70 grams, and eating jambons regularly may increase cholesterol levels, increasing the risk of heart disease. 

Also, some pastry doughs may not be gluten-free and may cause adverse reactions in celiac patients. Caution is advised, and we recommend that consumers take note of the ingredients and specifications of ready-to-bake puff pastry doughs. 

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This brief article addressed the query: “Can you cook jambons in an air fryer?” Also, we explored how jambons can be cooked in an air fryer, what jambons are, what the nutritional content of jambons is, and whether or not eating jambons is healthy. 


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