Can you cook jacket potatoes in an air fryer?

In this brief guide, we’ll address the query: “Can you cook jacket potatoes in an air fryer?” We’ll also explore how to cook a jacket potato in an air fryer, how an air fryer works, what a jacket potato is, how it can be stored, and review the advantages of using an air fryer to cook jacket potatoes. 

Can you cook jacket potatoes in an air fryer? 

Yes, you can cook jacket potatoes in an air fryer. As a variant of a baked potato, a jacket potato can be placed in an air fryer rather than in an oven, with the advantage of requiring a shorter amount of cooking time. 

On average, preparing the potatoes and cooking them, can take about 35 minutes, which means cooking jacket potatoes in an air fryer is an ideal option for people with little time, but who are looking to prepare savory food. 

How can I cook a jacket potato in an air fryer? 

There are several recipes for cooking jacket potatoes, but generalizing, a jacket potato can be cooked in an air fryer following these instructions: 

The potatoes to use must first be cleaned under running water to wash away any specks of dust or debris. 

As the peel doesn’t require removal, we can proceed to pierce the potato’s surface with a fork to create “vents.” These will allow the starch to release accumulated heat, and keep the potato from bursting open in the air fryer.

The potatoes can then be lightly coated in olive oil and salt, along with any other seasonings of choice. 

Once they’ve been oiled and seasoned, they can be placed in the air fryer, and set to cook at a temperature of 400°F  (~ 205°C), for 30 minutes.  

A potato is fully cooked when you can easily pierce into the center with a knife or fork, as the potato’s starch (interior) will have completely lost its turbidness. 

Naturally, larger-sized potatoes will require longer cooking times than smaller-sized ones, so it’s important to take this into account when setting cooking times. In the event that a potato is slightly undercooked, you can place it back into the air fryer and continue cooking it for intervals of 3-5 minutes at a time, until it reaches the desired texture. 

It’s important to note that cooking with an air fryer requires hot air to circulate through the cooking chamber and evenly graze the food inside, which means that it wouldn’t be very wise to pack the cooking tray full of oiled potatoes. 

Additional toppings that may be added once cooked include butter, sour cream, chopped fried bacon, grated cheese, and other seasoning mixes.  

How does an air fryer work? 

An air fryer is an appliance built with an outer casing, a tray that holds food and fits into an interior chamber, and works by supplying this chamber with a continuous flow of hot air. The food is cooked by convection and compared to ovens and other appliances, the rapid airflow of an air fryer allows users to cut down on prep time, and cook their food sans any cooking oil.  

What is a jacket potato

In essence, a jacket potato is an unpeeled, British-styled baked potato. Depending on aesthetic preferences, jacket potatoes can be punctured in several places (the way conventional baked potatoes are) or cut with two overlapping cross-shaped gashes. 

One could argue that jacket potatoes are more nutritious than conventional baked potatoes as the peels are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  

In Britain, jacket potatoes can be cooked as appetizers, side dishes, or main courses with various toppings, and are popular in many restaurants and pubs. 

How can I store jacket potatoes

To store jacket potatoes, it is necessary for them to first cool, and then place them in a container with a lid before refrigerating them. A sealed container will help keep other flavors out and make it easier to fetch when reheating. 

Are there advantages to cooking a jacket potato in an air fryer? 

The main advantage of using an air fryer to cook a potato jacket is that the end result is similar to conventional oven-baking, only it takes significantly less time, and requires less cleaning once finished. 

As the main recipe itself already contains very little oil, cooking jacket potatoes with an air fryer doesn’t significantly diminish the food’s oil content, which is one of the main advantages of air frying food products, however, it is still a practical alternative if one is short on time or doesn’t wish to draw out the process, and a much healthier alternative than eating deep-fried potatoes. 

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In this brief guide, we’ve addressed the query: “Can you cook jacket potatoes in an air fryer?” We’ve also described how it can be cooked in an air fryer, described how an air fryer works, what a jacket potato is, how to store a jacket potato, and we also reviewed the advantages of using an air fryer to cook jacket potatoes.