Can you cook apples before making apple pie? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “can you cook apples before making apple pie?” We will discuss how to cook apples and some basic tips for making apple pie. In the end, we will talk about how to know when apple pie is ready.

Yes, you can cook apples before making apple pie, however, you can also make it with raw apples. It is possible to create apple pie in two distinct methods. 

One includes making an apple pie filling, which requires boiling the apples beforehand. The second kind, on the other hand, begins with raw apples. 

The heat used to bake the pie also cooks the apples. Both processes produce somewhat different types of apple pie.

The shrinking issue was overcome by pre-cooking the apples, which allowed them to keep their form in the microwave while also removing any extra moisture and safeguarding the bottom crust. Place the cooled pieces in a pie dish, fill the top crust, and then cook the apple pie.

How to cook apples before making apple pie?

It takes around 5 to 7 minutes of boiling time to produce an apple pie from boiled apples. The apples become a bit more delicate as a result. When it comes to making apple pie, if you want your apples to be crumbly, cooking them first will help you reach your aim. 

The filling for the apple pie is made by thickening the water leftover from cooking with cornstarch. An apple pie baked in the oven tends to be humid and easier to slice.

If you are creating your own apple pie filling from scratch, you will also need to cook the apples. To make apple pie, you’ll need to cook the apples twice, once before making apple pie and again after. 

Apples should be blanched first by adding ascorbic acid crystals to a pot of water. This prevents the browning of the apples. 

Apples should be peeled and sliced and cooked. As long as you keep them submerged in a bowl of ice water, they won’t become brown. Fill the crust with the sugared and floured raw apple. 

A top crust is placed on the pie. Once baked, the apple juices will combine with the flour and sugar to form a rich, creamy filling. These will thicken and combine to form the delicious filling that will surround the apples.

If you begin using dried apples, the technique is a cross between the cooked and raw apple processes. The dried apples must first be cooked in water. Cover them with plastic wrap and set them aside to rehydrate. 

Once the apples have been reconstituted, they should be drained and the pie should be prepared as if using raw apples.

Tips for cooking apple

First, make the apple pie filling and put it aside for 1 hour to let the apples discharge their juices, then combine the apples and juices with a thickening agent such as cornstarch or tapioca flour.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F and bake for about 75 minutes, rotating the pan a few times to ensure equal browning. Because of the lengthy baking period, the filling thickens within the pie.

If the crust begins to brown too rapidly or seems to be becoming too dark, lay a big sheet of tinfoil over a dish that has been turned upside down to create a foil dome. Continue baking the pie with a foil cover on top of it. This will prevent browning.

Allow the apple pie to cool completely before slicing into it. . By allowing the pie to rest, the juice within will thicken even more, preventing a mess after you slice it.

How to know when a pie is ready?

Listed below are straightforward ways for determining when an apple pie is prepared to be removed from the oven.

Apple pie is ready when the juices bubble up through the outer layer. If there are no bubbles, the pie will need to be baked for even longer.

When a thermometer in the center of the pie registers 194 degrees Fahrenheit, the apple pie is ready to serve.

The softness of the apples may be determined by piercing the apple pie. If they are too crispy, the apple pie will need to be baked for longer.


In this brief article, we answered the question “can you cook apples before making apple pie?” We discussed how to cook apples before making apple pie and some basic tips for making apple pie. In the end, we understand how to know when apple pie is ready.  


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