Can you cook a 12 lb turkey in a crockpot?

In this brief article, we will answer the question “can you cook a 12 lb turkey in a crockpot?”., and also discuss ingredients and directions to cook a turkey in a crockpot.

Can you cook a 12 lb turkey in a crockpot?

Yes, you can cook a 12 lb turkey in a crockpot. You can get deliciously moist and juicy turkey breast by cooking it at a low temperature for at least 4 hours. It is tasty and easy to cook. In the slow cooker, it browns beautifully and doesn’t require any extra cooking.

It doesn’t need to be broiled at all. Don’t forget about all those delicious drippings. You can make gravy with it which is unsurpassed. It is very much like using a slow cooker to prepare an entire chicken.

To cook turkey in a crockpot you will need:

  • whole turkey, with the skin on 
  • two heads of garlic split lengthwise
  • four thyme sprigs
  • four rosemary
  • 1-slice of lemon
  • Butter made from fresh herbs
  • 4 tablespoons of salted butter
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh thyme or 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • Garlic minced into 2 tablespoons
  • Salt
  • pepper
  • 2 cups slow-cooked turkey broth
  • a quarter cup of butter
  • fourteen cups of all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp. of Worcestershire sauce
  • Salt and pepper should only be used when absolutely necessary.


Put all of the herb butter ingredients into a bowl and give it a thorough stir. You can save 2/3 of the herb butter for later. Place the garlic cloves, cut side up, in the bottom of a slow cooker bowl. Add the herbs and a lemon slice. Pat the turkey as dry as possible with paper towels before storing it.

Add salt and pepper to taste and rub all over the turkey before placing it in a slow-cooker. Cover and cook for four hours on high or eight hours on low.  A half-hour before finishing your cooking, arrange the oven shelf in your lower half. Turn on the broiler to make it crispy.

Insert tongs into the carcass on either side of the turkey, then lift and place the bird directly into the roasting pan. Take two cups of the liquid out of the bowl of the slow cooker, strain it, and put it to the side for the gravy. Toss the turkey with any remaining juices.

To give your turkey even more flavor, use a spoon to spread the reserved herb butter on top of it. When the skin is golden brown and crispy, remove it from the oven. Turn off the broiler and heat the oven to 420 degrees Fahrenheit or 220 degrees Celsius and roast the turkey until it is golden brown, adding more time if necessary (about 15 minutes).


In a small pot, heat the butter over low-medium heat. Then, add the flour and mix thoroughly. For a minute or so, whisk the mixture frequently while it cooks. The turkey liquid, about half a cup, should be added and whisked until paste forms.

Stirring constantly, gradually incorporate the remaining liquid until a smooth gravy is achieved. Simmer for a few minutes, stirring occasionally, until the sauce has thickened to desired consistency.

Worcestershire sauce can be added at this point. The gravy will thicken even more as it cools. If necessary, add salt and pepper to taste.

What’s the benefit of slow-cooking turkey at a low temperature?

The benefit of slow-cooking turkey is that there is a significantly lower risk of the turkey becoming dry as a result of overcooking. Even if the turkey is cooked in the crockpot for an extra 1 or 2 hours, it will still be delicious.

How much time does it take to cook a whole turkey?

The time taken by the turkey depends on its weight. You can calculate the roasting time of a turkey by multiplying its weight in pounds by 13 minutes at 350°F (about three hours for a twelve to fourteen pounds turkey) or by 15 minutes per pound.

What causes turkey to become so rubbery?

Overcooking at low temperatures results in a rubbery texture. Hot and fast cooking is the best method for the majority of domestic poultry. You’ll retain more moisture inside your home by sealing off the exterior as soon as possible.

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In this brief article, we have answered the question “can you cook a 12 lb turkey in a crockpot?”. We have also discussed ingredients and directions to cook a turkey in a crockpot.