Can you buy kinder eggs in the us?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “Can you buy kinder eggs in the US,” discuss whether I can bring kinder eggs to the US and what else I can buy in place of kinder eggs banned in the US.

Can you buy kinder eggs in the US?

No, you cannot buy Kinder eggs in the US. The FDA has banned the sale of these treats because they contain small toys that may be a choking hazard for young children.

If you are visiting another country and see a Kinder egg for sale, you should not attempt to bring it back into the US. You may be fined up to $2,500 if you do.

What are kinder eggs?

You’ve probably heard of Kinder Eggs, the chocolate eggs with toys inside. There are a few different varieties, but a milk chocolate egg with a toy surprise inside is the most common. Ferrero created this particular egg in Italy, and it is now available in over 100 countries!

The company that makes Kinder Eggs calls the toys “surprises.” The surprises are usually small plastic toys that have been molded to fit inside the egg, but they can also be collectible figurines. You could find a surprise that is part of a series of farm animals, for instance, or there could be Barbie-inspired dolls.

To get the surprise, you need to open up the chocolate egg by cracking it open, then remove the plastic shell (which often has instructions on putting together the toy). Then you just have to assemble your new surprise!

The standard Kinder Egg size is about 3 inches tall and 2 inches diameter. However, there are also more giant eggs available called Kinder Surprise Maxi. These eggs are about 4 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter.

Can I bring kinder eggs to the US?

Unfortunately, you cannot bring kinder eggs to the US. Under section 301 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA), it’s illegal to import products that don’t meet the FDA’s standards for food safety, and while they are considered safe in other countries,,, they are not in the US.

If you happen to be traveling to the US with these treats, there are a few things that might get you out of trouble:

  • You must eat or dispose of the chocolate eggs before entering the country.
  • You can declare them to customs officials. If you do this, they will take them away from you.
  • Keep your eggs in their original packaging and display them at customs.

Why are kinder eggs banned in the US?

The answer is because of the eggshell. For those of you who don’t know what a Kinder egg is, it’s a chocolate that has a surprise inside. The problem for U.S. authorities is that the eggshell contains a small toy, which falls under the category of banned objects. According to the FDA website, the objective is to protect children from swallowing potentially harmful things.

The chocolate is still legal and can be imported, so long as the toy is removed before entering the country. However, smugglers have found ways around this by removing the toys from eggs sold in other countries and mailing them to customers individually.

Can you take kinder eggs on a plane?

Yes, you can bring Kinder eggs on a plane.

To avoid any issues with your airline, carry them in your carry-on luggage. If you need to remove them and show them to any officials, you won’t have any problems.

There are a few reasons why you may be asked to show an official the Kinder Egg. One is that they are considered a choking hazard for children under the age of 3 because they contain small toys inside.

If this happens, you will not be able to take the toy out of the egg and put it in your checked luggage, so it’s best to prepare ahead of time by packing it in your carry-on bag.

If you are bringing a child under three years old along with you on your flight, they can keep their Kinder Egg toy in their bag as long as there aren’t any other children nearby who might try to play with it (and potentially choke).

What else can I buy in place of kinder eggs banned in the US?

You are out of luck if you want to buy a kinder egg. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has banned the sale of Kinder Surprise Eggs in the United States since the 1970s. In general, candy with a non-edible toy inside is not allowed in the United States.

However, there are plenty of other candies on the market you can purchase instead. Options include:

  • Hershey’s Candy Cane Bar – $1.00/bar
  • Dove Dark Chocolate Bar – $1/bar
  • Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares – $3 for three squares
  • Russell Stover Milk Chocolate Santas – $5 for a box of 5 Santas

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the question, “can you buy kinder eggs in the US,” discuss “Can I bring kinder eggs to the US?” and “What else can I buy in place of kinder eggs banned in the US?”


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