Can you buy double yolk eggs? (3 Factors)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, can you buy double yolk eggs? We will discuss places where you can get double yolk eggs and ways to identify eggs with a double yolk. We also discuss the biological and environmental factors that cause eggs to have double yolks. 

Can you buy double yolk eggs?

You can buy double yolk eggs. Some sellers keep aside double yolk eggs that can be bought by consumers. 

Even though there is a slim chance, about one in a thousand, that a hen lays an egg with double yolk, it is still available and can be bought in the market. 

Eggs with double yolks have a bigger size. As eggs are subjected to screening, it helps to identify if they have a double yolk. 

A method called candling is used to assess the contents of an egg. As the egg is subjected to light, it helps you to see the insides of the egg. The candling process helps to look for cracks, fissures, and blood spots, as well as to watch out for eggs with a bonus yolk inside.

Double egg-yolks are sought after by certain food manufacturers and producers who rely on eggs or egg yolks for their textural properties. Other than that, there are no other health benefits that eggs with double yolks might hold over regular eggs.

Where can you buy double-yolk eggs?

In some regions, it may be easier to find double yolk eggs than in others. In the UK, there are plenty of sellers who sell double-yolk eggs by the dozen. In other countries, especially the US and Canada, it might be harder for you to find a double-yolk egg supplier. 

In Hong Kong and India, hens are raised to produce eggs with a double yolk. 

Not surprisingly, there are certain superstitions that revolve around eggs with a double yolk.  Eggs with double yolks are believed to be linked to death, good fortune, and fertility.

In the US, Sauder’s sells double yolk eggs. In places like Pennsylvania, it might be easier for you to find double-yolk eggs, distributed by the Sauder’s.

If you are from the UK, the Morrisons have been supplying double-yolk eggs. There are 22 stores to whom the Morrisons are distributing their double-yolk eggs.

Humble Eggs in the Uk are also well-known distributors of double yolk eggs. Humble eggs raise their chickens on a free-range farm. 

How does a hen lay an egg and what causes the formation of a double yolk egg?

The hens have an ovary and an oviduct. The ovary is responsible for the development of the egg. A hen will lay an egg every day which is as long as it takes for the egg to form fully in her reproductive tract.

The egg formation starts in the ovary which then transfers into the oviduct.

The egg travels further along the oviduct, where the yolk gets enclosed in egg white, followed by the inner and outer shell. The egg leaves the oviduct and enters the uterus, where the outermost hard shell forms. The fully-formed egg then exits through the vagina and out from the cloaca.  

Sometimes, two egg yolks are released together causing them to be enveloped in one shell. The yolk formation starts soon after the egg is laid by the hen. In some instances, the hen’s reproductive system produces the egg yolk too due to a hormonal change or overstimulated ovaries. 

 Consequently, the new yolk becomes a part of the previous egg, hence you find two yolks in the same egg. 

The condition is prevalent among hens, who have just started to lay eggs or at the end of their egg-laying days. However, there are other deep-rooted factors that can cause such a phenomenon such as hereditary factors and breeds.

There is also an environmental factor that contributes to double yolk egg production. The daylight plays a crucial role in determining the egg-laying cycle in eggs. 

As the length of daylight increases as summer nears, the reproductive system of the egg gets manipulated by the change in the period of light. Hence, this phenomenon is exploited by egg producers, and the hens are raised indoors in controlled lightning. 

However, as the hen adapts to its new environment, the ovulation cycle reverts back to normal.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, can you buy double yolk eggs? We discussed places where you can get double yolk eggs and ways to identify eggs with a double yolk. We also discussed the biological and environmental factors that cause eggs to have double yolks. 

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