Can you brew coffee with milk?

In this article, we answer the question “Can you brew coffee with milk?”. Additionally, we will also discuss the reasons for drinking coffee with milk and what problems adding milk to the drink can cause. Finally, we will give you some tips for drinks with coffee and milk.

Can you brew coffee with milk?

Yes, you can brew coffee with milk. If there’s one drink that’s loved all over the world, it’s coffee. With so many different flavors, ways of being prepared and sides, coffee has become the darling of many. 

Nowadays, there are coffee shops specializing in the preparation of the most different types. Including the coffee with milk. Come learn with us how to prepare this delight.

Why drink coffee with milk?

Many of us grew up hearing the term “coffee au lait” during a game of tag or hide and seek. But make no mistake! It’s time to put that image aside to make room for a mix that brings several health benefits.

Have you ever wondered why café au lait is included in the afternoon snack at some schools? This is due to the concentration and focus it brings to children. It improves students’ absorption of information, considerably helping their routine.

Coffee, since it stimulates the brain with the presence of caffeine, can increase our agility and energy throughout the day. When mixed with milk, it helps with concentration, making it the perfect mix for when we need to work or study. Already consolidated in adopting coffee with milk as your official morning drink?

Many still wonder if they are making a good bet mixing coffee with milk. So, for now, to get rid of the big question: yes, coffee with milk is good for your health! It helps prevent degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cirrhosis and even Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

When it comes to headaches, milk itself has a calming effect. For those who have trouble sleeping, for example, taking it warm before going to bed is always a good idea. Along with the optimal amount of coffee, which has analgesic properties, it makes an excellent remedy for alleviating migraines.

Anyone who suffers from gastritis knows that drinking plain coffee can harm the body. It attacks the digestive system, causing discomfort and discomfort. However, coffee with milk is good for those looking to circumvent these associated effects.

If you love a “small coffee” and don’t want to miss it in your routine, how about betting on a latte? Milk protects the stomach from the effects that coffee can cause and even relieves symptoms of those who exceed the recommended caffeine level for one day.

Does coffee hinder calcium absorption?

Mixing coffee with milk is not dangerous, as 30 ml of milk is enough to ensure that caffeine does not interfere with the absorption of calcium from milk.

What happens is that people who drink a lot of coffee end up drinking too little milk, which decreases the amount of calcium available in the body. It is common for milk or yogurt that should be taken for snacks throughout the day to be replaced by cups of coffee.

Thus, in people who consume adequate amounts of calcium each day, caffeine does not cause calcium deficiency.

What is the best way to drink coffee with milk?

More milk, less coffee, more coffee and less milk or fifty-fifty? If we think about our health, to consume it safely, what is recommended is always more milk than coffee or “split evenly” for those who prefer stronger. The necessary amount is 3 cups a day, and the ideal is that they are not all mixed in coffee.

The maximum amount of caffeine per day is up to 300 mg, as long as the person drinks 3 cups of milk a day. If the coffee is filtered in a paper or cloth strainer, it is up to 7 cups of coffee (430 ml); if it’s instant coffee, it’s up to 8 cups of coffee (460 ml); if for espresso, it’s up to 3 and ½ cups of coffee (210 ml) a day.

Coffee with creamy milk recipe

We brought you a very simple step by step of a creamy latte! The ingredients that you will need are: 50 g of instant coffee, 150 g of sugar, 50 ml of water and Milk to taste.

Mix the sugar and instant coffee in a mixer. After, add the boil water, mixing at minimum power until it forms a consistent cream. In a cup or mug, fill with half hot milk or at room temperature and add 1 to 2 tablespoons full of coffee cream on top.


In this article, we answered the question “Can you brew coffee with milk?”. Additionally, we discussed the reasons for drinking coffee with milk and what problems adding milk to the drink can cause. Finally, we gave you some tips for drinks with coffee and milk.


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