Can you boil chicken before frying? (1 Unique Method)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, can you boil chicken before frying? We will discuss some reasons to avoid boiling the chicken in water before you fry it. We will also discuss a unique recipe to let you get a good result if you need to boil before you fry the chicken.

Can you boil chicken before frying?

You can boil chicken before you fry it, however, you risk losing some of the flavors, and juices, if you boil the chicken. If you have a marinade added to your chicken, it would fall apart. When you boil, the marinade will not stick to the chicken. Boiling tends to make them slippery, so there is no point in adding the marinade or breading after you boil. 

However, if you fear that frying alone will not cook the chicken through, you can boil it before you fry. Chicken must be cooked all the way through to prevent getting a food-borne illness. 

If you intend to boil the chicken before frying to make it tender, then you need to think this through. Boiling will not help you, rather yet, it will hinder you from making fried chicken that is juicy and tender. Boiling before frying will overcook the chicken and will retain some of the water from when it was boiled. When you fry the chicken, the water taken up by the boiling water will make it splatter. Hence you will need to pat it dry and also practice caution before frying the chicken.

Is it necessary to boil chicken before frying it?

You can get the perfect fried chicken by relying on frying alone. It is not necessary to boil the chicken before you fry to get fried chicken that is both soft and cooked to safety. Frying alone will be sufficient to cook meat all the way through if you slow cook the chicken to allow heat to penetrate enough that the temperature inside reaches 164 Fahrenheits. If you decide to rely on frying alone, chicken pieces will take around 15 to 20 minutes to cook. 

Chicken is white meat. In contrast to red meat, it is not a daunting task, to get the chicken to be well-done. However, to save time, you could resort to boiling the chicken before you fry. 

FDA suggests that instead of cooking chicken to 164 degrees, you can hold the chicken at 145 Fahrenheits for 8 minutes to let the insides cook. A cooking thermometer will help you to determine the temperature inside the chicken. 

Is there a recipe you can follow if you want to boil chicken before you fry it?

To hasten the cooking process, you could precook the chicken. A unique recipe has been created to assist you in preparing the perfect fried chicken by pre-boiling. 

Leave the breading and dredge the chicken only after boiling. To boil the chicken, use milk instead of water and boil for 20 minutes. Boiling will still get rid of the marinade; therefore, you need to invest in the breading instead of the marinade. 

When you fry, you need only a minute on each side to get the chicken pieces to turn golden. Use breading with a generous number of seasonings, herbs, and spices to compensate for the flavors that wash away during boiling. 

An alternate way to precook chicken before frying is to bake. Baking is a better method than boiling is because it retains the innate flavors of chicken and the marinade. 

If your chicken is pre-cooked, it takes the pressure off of worrying about safety. If you get part of the job done, then you can focus on getting the desired texture and taste of the fried chicken.

Chicken is a versatile meat, which will cook easily without giving you a hard time. No matter, how you decide to cook it, it will seldom let you down. Therefore, you can precook the chicken if you like to save you trouble later or rely on hot oil to get the perfect fried chicken. 

Chicken is healthy since it is lean meat. White meat does not have fat, which makes it a frequently eaten meat for many. Lean protein is a good source of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are necessary to maintain muscles and bones. Chicken meat provides you with Vitamin B12, Choline, Zinc, copper, and iron.    

Fried chicken might be easy to prepare a delicacy. However, consuming excessive amounts of deep-fried foods are associated with health risks such as heart attacks, cholesterol, and strokes.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, can you boil chicken before frying? We discussed some reasons to avoid boiling the chicken in water before you fry it. We also discussed a unique recipe to let you get a good result if you need to boil before you fry the chicken.

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