Can you boil bibs pacifier

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Can you boil bibs pacifiers?” We will also discuss what bibs pacifiers are, what is the importance of boiling bibs pacifiers, how and when you should boil bibs pacifiers, and much more.

Can you boil bibs pacifiers?

No, you can not boil bibs pacifiers, because high heat makes these pacifiers highly vulnerable to damage and rupture due to their soft texture – they are not made to be boiled. 

However, you should follow a special boiling technique to sterilise and clean Bibs pacifiers safely and ensure that you are protecting your baby’s health without compromising or reducing the pacifier’s durability.

In this article, we will show you all that you need to know on how to properly and safely boil bibs pacifiers and what is the importance of such a process and its consequences on your baby’s health, so if you are concerned about the safety of your baby pacifier then read carefully till the end.

How can you properly boil Bibs pacifiers?

Boiling Bibs pacifiers does not mean cooking, but instead a simple, easy and fast process if you follow these steps:

  • Put the Bibs pacifiers in a clean heat resistant bowl or pot
  • Pour boiling water and let the pacifiers soak entirely for approximately 5 minutes, that means do not boil the pacifiers in a boiling pot on the stovetop
  • Pick the Bibs pacifiers out of the water and let them air dry or use a clean towel
  • Shake the Bibs pacifiers onto your wrist to remove any trapped water or press the nipple of the pacifier to squeeze out any trapped excess water.
  • Make sure your bibs pacifier has completely cooled down before handing it to your baby

What are the Bibs pacifiers?

Bibs pacifiers are baby pacifiers that are made of natural rubber and are BPA-Free. These unique features make Bibs pacifiers approved and highly recommended by doctors and orthodontists.

On the other hand, Bibs pacifiers imitate natural mother breasts in shape and touch thus they have an incredibly soothing effect to calm newborns.

Besides these pacifiers are safe and easy to clean which makes them the perfect choice for you as a parent and allows your baby at the same time to naturally exercise his innate sucking instinct safely without any risks of germ contamination or choking.

What is the importance of boiling bibs pacifiers?

Sucking is an innate instinct in all babies that helps them self-soothe sleep and relieves toothache. For this reason, bibs pacifiers are considered a blessing at this level.

However, as a parent, you know that accidents always happen especially when these pacifiers hit the floor, tabletop, or car seat and get contaminated with dirt and germs.

These unresolved accidents will eventually make your baby ill or cause thrush, white patches, and uncomfortable sores in his mouth, and then pacifiers will be a curse rather than a bliss!! 

But do not worry since maintaining good hygiene of your baby’s pacifier will resolve the dilemma and is very important to your baby’s health since his immune system is not yet fully developed to provide him with sufficient protection against pathogenic germs and bacterial infections.

For these reasons, boiling has been traditionally used by moms all over the world as being an effective, fast, and easy method to sterilise baby’s bibs pacifiers and protect your newborn, baby, or infant from undesired risks.

When should you boil Bibs pacifiers?

Due to the weak immune system of newborns, premature infants, and babies up to 3 months, babies at this age are highly vulnerable to bacterial infections and other diseases.

Therefore it is recommended that the bibs pacifiers be boiled to maintain good hygiene before their first use and that means once you take them out of the packaging.

Besides, it is advised to boil these pacifiers more often for newborns, premature infants, and babies up to 3 months every time it hits something than for babies of 3 months and above.

However, you may reduce the frequency of boiling Bibs pacifiers once your baby has started the “oral phase” and diverse things are entering his mouth such as mini spoons, food, and baby bottle nipples since then cleaning with hot water and detergent will be sufficient.

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Can you boil bibs pacifiers?” We have also discussed what bibs pacifiers are, what is the importance of boiling bibs pacifiers, how and when you should boil bibs pacifiers, and much more.

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