Can you boil avent nipples

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Can you boil Avent nipples?” We will also discuss what is the aim of boiling Avent’s nipples, when should you boil them, what is the most efficient way to do that safely, and much more.

Can you boil Avent’s nipples?

Yes, you can boil Avent’s nipples, it is a vital step of good hygiene to protect your baby’s health and keep him safe from all sorts of bacterial infections.

Baby bottles Avent nipples are considered to be one of the major sources of contamination, so it is highly recommended not only to regularly check those nipples for any damages, cracks, or tears but also to sterilise them after each use.

We know how much you love your baby and are concerned about his health and safety, that is why in this article we will help you do this mission for your little angel by showing you exactly how and how often you should boil Avent’s nipples to disinfect them from germs and other pathogenic microorganisms without reducing their durability.

So if you are interested about this topic, read carefully till the end.

What is the aim of boiling Avent’s nipples?

We all know that sucking an Avent nipple is a basic need for your baby not only to eat and drink milk formulas and water to grow and develop properly once you are or are not breastfeeding him but also has a soothing effect.

However, since your baby usually spends a lot of time chucking and sucking Avent’s nipples, he may accidentally drop the bottle on the floor, tabletop, or car seat. All these facts make those nipples highly subjected to all sorts of germ contamination and increase the risk of making your baby ill or having thrush and uncomfortable mouth sores.

For these reasons, boiling has been traditionally used by moms as an effective recommended method to clean, sterilise and disinfect your baby’s Avent nipples from bacteria, and protect him as much as possible especially since his immune system has not yet fully developed to defend him.

However, keep in mind that boiling Avent nipples does not mean cooking them in boiling water due to their soft texture which makes them highly vulnerable and easily destroyed by the high heat.

 Therefore you should regularly check your Avent nipples for damage and replace them every 4 months on average or once they are damaged or cracked for any reason.

When should you boil Avent’s nipples?

After you have known the importance of boiling Avent nipples, you are probably asking yourself these two questions: when should you boil Avent nipples and how often should you boil them?

Do not worry because in this section we will answer all your questions and concerns about sterilising Avent nipples by boiling, so here is what you should know about how often you should boil those nipples to ensure they are well sterilised and used safely by your baby.

  1. Avent nipples should be boiled before their first use, which means once you take them out of the packaging
  1. Avent nipples should also be boiled daily at least once after each use especially if your baby is still less than 3 months, prematurely born, or unfortunately has a weak immune system.

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What is the most efficient way to safely boil Avent’s nipples?

Boiling Avent nipples is a simple, easy, and fast process that you will master with time and practice, to make things easy for you here are the basic steps that you can follow to boil and sterilise your baby’s Avent nipples safely and efficiently:

  • Make sure you have cleaned your Avent nipples well before sterilising using a nipple brush and avoid using any corrosive, chemical solutions and concentrated cleaners
  • Disassemble the Avent nipples from the bottle 
  • Follow the instructions mentioned in the user manual
  • Pour enough water into a saucepan or a boiling pot then let it boil
  • Place the Avent nipples in the boiling water for 5 minutes
  • Do not sterilise the Avent nipples for too long to prevent them from weakening, and do not let them touch the side of the pan to avoid undesired deformation and damage.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Can you boil Avent nipples?” We have also discussed what is the aim of boiling Avent’s nipples, when should you boil them, and what is the most efficient way to do that safely.

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