Can you boil aubergine

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Can you boil aubergine?” We will also discuss how you should prepare aubergine for boiling, what is the best way for boiling this veggie and the required boiling time, and much more.

Can you boil aubergine?

Yes, you can boil aubergine and enjoy this perfect tasty recipe. Boiled aubergine is not juicy, tender, and soft but also versatile fruit that can be served alone or used as an ingredient to make soups, salads, dips, and sauces.

So if you are an enthusiast of healthy eating and like to learn how to healthily cook aubergine without loading much oil and calories, then this article is here for you, it will give you all that you need to know about the nutritional facts of aubergine, and an easy cooking method.

How should you prepare aubergine for boiling?

When it comes to boiling an aubergine, you have several options either to boil it as a whole fruit, sliced, chopped, or diced, and you can also choose to boil it with or without the peel, so here are some tips that you should consider:

  • Rinse the aubergine well, if you choose to boil it with the peel on
  • Poke a few holes in the skin of the aubergine, if you choose to boil it whole
  • Peel and cut the aubergine directly before cooking to avoid flesh discoloration
  • Peeling is only recommended for large and old aubergine using a vegetable peeler or sharp knife because their thick skin is unpleasant to eat
  • Always make sure to cut your aubergine into slices or cubes that are of similar size to ensure even cooking

What is the best way to boil aubergine?

Boiling is one of the healthiest, quickest, and easiest cooking methods for aubergine or eggplant that is known for its sponge-like texture regarding soaking up oil.

There are several ways to boil aubergine depending on the recipe you are preparing, however here are the main steps that you should follow:

  • Pour enough water into a boiling pot to ensure that the aubergine is entirely covered, then bring it to a boil
  • Place the aubergine in the boiling water then reduce the heat to a simmer until it is tender
  • You can test the done-ness of the boiled aubergine by stabbing it with a knife or poking it with a fork
  • Remove the boiled aubergine using tongs
  • Drain the eggplant  inside a colander or on paper towels to remove excess water
  • Let the boiled aubergine cool before handling

What is the required time to boil aubergine?

The boiling time required to cook aubergine depends on the following factors:

  • The aubergine form, whole or cubes or slices
  • The size of the whole aubergine you are boiling (small or medium or large size) 
  • The cooking degree preferred fully cooked or partially cooked 

However, it is estimated that the average time required to boil a whole aubergine ranges between 20 -25 minutes on average to make it soft and mushy.

How can you eat boiled aubergine?

After you have boiled your aubergine according to the instructions we shared with you before in the previous sections. You are probably thinking now about how you can eat them or what you can add to the flavour or season this plate to be tasty and appetising instead of just boiled.

Well, do not worry because in this section we will share with you some tips on how to flavour your boiled aubergine to be a delicious dish in an innovative way, so let us start.

You can eat the fully cooked and unpeeled boiled aubergine cold just as it is or after adding a dressing, however, if the peel is still on and the aubergine is whole you still have to remove the skin and cut the flesh into slices or cubes.

You can eat your boiled eggplant by either adding it to a salad, curry, or pasta or simply using it as an ingredient to make a veggie omelette.

And finally here is an incredible recipe that is popular in the Arab world which can be prepared from the boiled aubergine by simply blending it with garlic and lemon juice and tahini and olive oil and pomegranate top for a quick baba ganoush.

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Can you boil aubergine?” We have also discussed how you should prepare aubergine for boiling, what is the best way for boiling this veggie and the required boiling time, and much more.

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