Can you boil aquafaba

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Can you boil aquafaba?” We will also discuss What is aquafaba? What are the benefits of aquafaba? How to make homemade aquafaba in simple easy steps? And finally What are the best recipes using boiled aquafaba?

Can you boil aquafaba?

Yes, you can boil aquafaba, and benefit from its numerous nutritional benefits as a great substitute for egg whites.

This amazing liquid or solution that results from cooking dried chickpeas, has a yellow colour and is slightly viscous. It can be used in many recipes whether you are vegan, preparing food for someone who is vegan or on an egg-free diet, or simply running out of eggs when preparing your recipe.  

So if you are an enthusiast about trying to make this homemade egg substitute, boil aquafaba in the comfort of your home to make incredibly tasty recipes, and are concerned about getting all the nutrients and health benefits of chickpeas. 

Or if you are that kind of person who is seeking to simply replace eggs in his recipes, reduce food waste and save money in a fast and simple way, then read this article carefully till the end because we are going to share with you some tips and tricks to make this experience as good as possible.

What is aquafaba?

“Aquafaba,”  is the solution that forms from cooking dried chickpeas or in other words the leftover solution that results from cooked chickpeas, this liquid has a yellow colour, is slightly viscous, and works well as a vegan egg substitute. 

Besides, aquafaba is becoming popular and well known for being a rich source of proteins and starches, and another chemical called “saponins” that fluffs into a foam or a soapy texture when aerated. 

What are the benefits of aquafaba?

Based on the origin of aquafaba liquid that is being prepared from boiled chickpeas, this liquid is considered to be an excellent nourishing egg substitute that is mainly rich in the B complex vitamins, and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, folate, as well as healthy linoleic and oleic fatty acids.


How to make homemade aquafaba in simple easy steps?

Aquafaba can be prepared in one of the 2 following ways: either simply draining the liquid of canned cooked chickpeas, or making your homemade aquafaba from dried chickpeas.

However, the second method is much better and less expensive and can be prepared by simply following these steps:

  • Sort and clean well-dried chickpeas 2 cups
  • Put  your dried chickpeas in a pot or slow cooker, not in a pressure cooker, and then  pour enough water to cover them entirely
  • Place the pot or slow cooker on the stovetop without adding any salt or spices
  • Bring the contents to a boil then reduce the heat to a simmer and cover the pot for about 4 hours until your peas become soft and tender, this way will ensure  to extract efficiently their active ingredients from the beans
  •  Turn off the heat and let the contents cool to room temperature
  • Strain your aquafaba liquid immediately then measure its consistency, if you find that it is too much liquid you can put it back in the pot and boil for additional time until it thickens. 

Tip: Always remember that the thicker your homemade aquafaba is, the results will be better

  • Refrigerate your homemade aquafaba for a maximum of 1 week or freeze it for 1 – 2 months.
  • Save the remaining cooked chickpeas to be used in another food recipe 

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What are the best recipes using boiled aquafaba?

There are many ways you can use aquafaba such as cooking and baking foods and sweet recipes.

 Here are some ideas that you can use boiled aquafaba:

  •  Aquafaba can be used in-whipped as a vegan egg white substitute in baking recipes such as Serbian cheese pie
  • Aquafaba can be used whipped  up into semi-stiff peaks as a vegan egg white substitute and added to recipes as vegan lumberjack cake
  • Aquafaba can be used whipped up into stiff peaks as a vegan egg white substitute to make fluffy mousses such as vegan chocolate mousse or macaroons and meringues

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Can you boil aquafaba?” We have also discussed What is aquafaba? What are the benefits of aquafaba? How to make homemade aquafaba in simple easy steps? And finally What are the best recipes using boiled aquafaba?

Hope you found this blog useful. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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