Can you boil 613 hair

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Can you boil 613 hair?” We will also discuss What is 613 hair? What is the 613 hair boiling method? And finally What are the benefits of the 613 hair boiling method?

Can you boil 613 hair?

Yes, you can boil 613 hair, this boiling method is not very common, however, it is very important in the revival of 613 hair, enhancing its appearance and restoring it to its original condition to look good as new.

Boiling of 613 hair will also extend its lifespan so you don’t have to discard your hair and therefore you will save a large amount of money that is needed to purchase new hair.

Are you excited about all that you read and want to learn more about this 613 hair maintenance method and what are the steps to restore your hair to look back new and fresh?

We will not let you wait any longer because, in this article, we are going to answer all the questions you are thinking about right now and guide you to the proper easy steps that you should follow to attain this result so that you will thank us later.

What is 613 hair?

Wigs are gaining more popularity and good reputation each day all over the world as they become a necessity and one of the MUST HAVE accessories in our lives.

Today perhaps the most demanded hair wigs are the colored ones, especially the 613 hair whose colour is one of the most trendy, special, and impressive blonde hair colours that give you a young, fashionable hair look and will let you rock !!!

So if you want to feel stylish, chic, and secure, the 613 wigs are your best choice. However, you should know that when the 613 hair is still new it will look just amazing and lustrous but unfortunately, this will alter and fade with time, or worse it will look quite old.

Wearing 613 hair has many benefits, it will let your natural hair rest from styling and heat, and it will also save you money spent at the salons, besides they are easy to use and a good way to change your look.

Besides we all know that the 613 human hair wigs are expensive thus throwing them as they fade is not an option, that is why we will try to help you maintain, care and renew your 613 hair back to look again as new, so read carefully till the end.

What is the 613 hair boiling method?

If you care about your 613 hair look and texture, you must be looking and trying different methods to maintain them, thus 613 hair boiling method is an important process that you can use to revive your wigs and enhance their appearance so they will look as new again.

Thus if you are a fan of wigs and 613 hair and an enthusiast of this method, these are the steps that you should follow to save tons of money and at the same time restore and preserve the fresh elegant colour of your hair so that you will always have an incredible look.

  • Detangle your 613 hair then cover generously with a hair conditioner and spray oil to give it a soft and shiny appearance
  • Pour water into a pot and bring to a boil on the stove
  • Put your 613 hair in a  Ziploc bag then close it
  • When your water starts to boil, submerge the Ziploc bag with the hair inside into the boiling pot and leave for about 10-20 minutes
  • Use tongs to remove the ziplock bag out of the boiling water
  • Take your 613 hair out of the bag and put it into the boiling pot, place the lid to cover to restrict heat evaporation, and let it stay there for about 1-2 hours
  • Remove the 613 hair after this time from the water, and detangle it using a wide-teeth comb then let it air dry 

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What are the benefits of the 613 hair boiling method?

  • Extend the longevity and lifespan of your 613 hair
  • Revive your 613 hair to look always fresh and good as new
  • Restore your hair texture to its original condition
  • Spare and save a lot of money needed to purchase new hair wigs


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Can you boil 613 hair?” We have also discussed What is 613 hair? What is the 613 hair boiling method? And finally What are the benefits of the 613 hair boiling method?

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