Can you bake a cake in a frying pan

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Can you bake a cake in a frying pan?” We will also discuss how you can bake a cake in a frying pan in a few easy steps and how to serve your cake once it is well baked in a frying pan.

So if you want to enjoy making and eating this tasty dessert in an easy and tasty way, then this article is just for you. 

Can you bake a cake in a frying pan?

Yes, you can bake a cake in a frying pan or a pan cake on the stove. This is an easy recipe to evenly bake a quick delicate homemade dessert with a tasty glorious flavour without the risk of uneven baking.

The frying pan used for baking a cake will retain and hold heat efficiently allowing the cake to be evenly and thoroughly baked at its centre without burnt edges but rather crispy ones.

This baking technique is easier than you can even imagine, besides it not only spares you from standing all day in the kitchen, but it is also eco-friendly and budget-friendly as it saves you a lot of time and allows you to enjoy a personal small homemade cake to satisfy your taste buds.

How can you perfectly bake a cake in a frying pan with just a few easy steps?

As we have seen so far baking a cake in a glass is faster than using a traditional cake pan which unfortunately may end up with burnt-looking parts and more browning if you do not properly master this technique.

Do not worry, it is super easy all that you have to follow these steps after you carefully read the manufacturers’ guidance and instructions according to the glass pan you are using to bake the perfect cake ever.

  • Preheat your oven up to 350 F but make sure to reduce this temperature by 25F to ensure that your cake will be slowly and evenly baked without browning
  • lightly spray a 9-inch non-stick frying pan with oil to grease it or line the pan surface with a baking paper or an aluminium paper 
  • Heat the greased frying pan
  • MAke your favourite cake recipe such as the Chocolate Cake Recipe by mixing in a large mixing bowl self raising flour,  butter, baking powder, sugar, soft unsalted butter,eggs, semi skimmed milk cocoa powder, with vanilla extract or vanilla powder using a stand or an electric hand mixer until they are smooth and combined 
  • Pour the cake batter you prepared into the greased frying pan and spread it evenly
  • Cover the frying pan with a lid then place it on the stove 
  • Steam your cake 5 – 10 minutes over high/medium heat based on your stove power while continuously observing it to avoid burning.
  • Once your baked cake starts to curdle and its surface becomes half cooked, flip it around on the other side then bake your cake covered again on medium/low heat for additional 5-10 minutes until its top turns to a bright golden colour without sticking
  •  Remove the pan from heat and use a knife to carefully unstick the sides of your cake from the frying pan then flip upside down or turn with the help of a plate
  • Let the pan cake cool down with the lid on

How can you serve your pancake?

Pancakes can be served warm by filling them directly with nutella, jam, maple syrup or honey or make your favourite filling or topping, however you can also frost the cake you baked in the frying pan to enjoy it chilling deliciou crispy flavour.

In this section we will guide you on how to frost the cake you baked in a frying pan, it is so simple as all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Mix heavy cream with melted chocolate together in a saucepan or a bowl
  • Poke your cake with a fork or toothpick 
  • Pour the mixture over the baked cake directly
  • Let the quenched cake rest for about 10 minutes until the mixture is fully absorbed
  • Place your cake baked in the frying pan in the freezer wrapped or in an airtight container

For more detailed guidance, please check the link here

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query ““Can I bake a cake in a frying pan?” We have also discussed how you can bake a cake in a frying pan in a few easy steps and how to serve your cake once it is well baked in a frying pan.

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