Can yogurt go bad? (3 signs)

In this brief article, we will answer the questions can yogurt go bad, and how to tell if yogurt has gone bad

Can yogurt go bad?

Yes, yogurt is a dairy product made from the fermentation process and has the ability to go bad or spoil.

Yogurt is a fermentation product of milk made by bacterial fermentation. Fermentation of sugar in the milk by the bacterial culture introduced in it makes yogurt. The bacterial culture used for yogurt is manually introduced to make yogurt.

Nutritional value of yogurt:

Yogurt is a dairy product which is rich in many nutrients. It is consumed all over the world as a healthy diet due to its nutritional value. Yogurt is used in smoothies, shakes, salads, ice-creams and many other food dishes

It has about 59 kcal in a single serving or 100 grams serving. It is rich in probiotics, carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. Due to its nutritional value it is considered a healthy diet for normal body functioning

Health benefits of yogurt:

Yogurt is very nutritious and healthy as it is, still it is consumed in many ways. Some of the health benefits of yogurt are:

  • It is rich in many nutrients including minerals like sodium and potassium. It is also a great source of vitamins and calcium.
  • It has a high level of proteins and helps in maintaining metabolic balance in the body by its consumption. Fat-free yogurt is used as a healthy protein diet especially by body builders
  • Yogurt is rich in probiotics and very good for our digestive system. Some probiotics are known to reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
  • Consuming yogurt improves the immune system due to providing vitamins like vitamins b and vitamin D
  • Yogurt has a high amount of potassium, phosphorus, and calcium which are good for bone health. They also affect the teeth health as well as protect from osteoporosis
  • In heart patients, yogurt increases the health by providing more HDL but it also fat so its consumption is balanced in diet
  • Yogurt has an effect on weight management of the body by providing much protein and less fat. It is used in weight management as a healthy diet which also gives a feeling of fullness and reduces the appetite

Shelf life of yogurt

Yogurt like any other dairy product has a higher risk of microbial attack. But due to the presence of fermenting bacterial culture and its acidic nature, it has a higher shelf life than many products. The shelf life of open yogurt on kitchen shelf is one or two days,

In the proper storage condition of the refrigerator or freezer it stays safe for more than a week. An unopened yogurt package tightly sealed will remain safe for one week in a refrigerator. And in a freezer the shelf life increases to one to two months.

Open yogurt spoils more easily than unopened yogurt. It is best to cover and open yogurt with a lid when you are not using it. Refrigerating yogurt increases its shelf life and keeps it safe from spoilage.

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How to store yogurt?

Yogurt is a liquid product with a high level of water in it, that’s why it is not safe to store it without any precautions. The storage of yogurt increases its shelf life to one to two months and does not affect the quality. It is good to refrigerate yogurt when not in use

Storage conditions:

Yogurt is stored in a cool, dry place with no heat source near it. Some people store yogurt in the pantry and it is safe for short storing time. Refrigerating yogurt is the best way to store especially if you plan to store it for a long time


Yogurt comes in proper packaging made of plastic covered with a tight lid. It is sealed to avoid air exchange as it has bacterial culture in it. It is best to store yogurt in an airtight container even if you refrigerate it

How to tell if yogurt has gone bad?

Yogurt is a dairy product with fermentable bacteria in it. It is spoiled if it is left open on a kitchen shelf, or not stored properly. but even if left unused the water and solid part of yogurt forms a separate layer, but this does not mean yogurt has gone bad.

The separated layer of yogurt is rectified by gently mixing it with a spoon. And it is still consumable, following are the real signs that yogurt has gone bad:

  1. Normal color of yogurt is white but It starts to decolor when it goes bad
  2. It starts to develop a liquid or chunky texture which is different from normal texture
  3. The smell and the flavor of yogurt changes and it starts to smell sour


In this brief article, we have answered the questions can yogurt go bad, and how to tell if yogurt has gone bad


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