Can we eat out this Christmas?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can we eat out this Christmas?”, and how to enjoy Christmas celebrations without compromising on health?

Can we eat out this Christmas?

Yes, you can eat out this Christmas. If you do not have the time and energy to prepare for a tedious Christmas eve dinner or wash the dishes afterward, eating out this Christmas is your calling. Read in if you want to know how to take care of your health while dining out during the festive season. 

How to enjoy Christmas celebrations without compromising on health?

Do not overdo it 

Avoiding the temptation to eat out around Christmas time is not easy. Instead of the main course, place your order for starters only, when eating out. You could also complement your starters with a side of roasted veggies. 

Another option is to instruct them to make you a smaller portion of your favorite meal. So that you do not stuff your stomach with more food than it can easily digest. 

When at home, try to share your Christmas pudding or other desserts with your family or friends. If you cannot control the urge to eat lots of pudding in one sitting, ditch the pudding for tea or coffee. 

Try to eat a bit less at other times 

A single cheat meal won’t hurt you but make sure it does not set a bad habit. If you have one big unhealthy meal, you can compensate for that meal by adjusting calories in your other meals. 

For example, opt for a soup, salad or sandwich in the evening if you ate something heavy in lunch. Aim to eat more of the low-fat, low-salt, and low-sugar foods.

Check the menu in advance 

You should have already decided on what to eat before arriving at the restaurant. This can only be possible if you read the menu online or in person before coming to the restaurant. This will ensure that you choose your meal without bias or anyone’s influence. 

Be demanding in restaurants 

Ask the staff to get the potato chips swapped with jacket potato, salad, or veggies. You can be nice to the staff and still get what you want. You should learn to communicate your diet preferences to the staff in a polite manner. 

If you do not want to bulk up on too many calories, do not feel ashamed to ask the staff to skip the extra cheese, butter, mayo, or demand sauces with a side dish.

Choose healthier options 

Steer clear of eating high-fat red or processed meats at home. Opt for lean meats instead. Instead of ordering your favorite dishes when at a restaurant, choose what best suits your health. 

Of course, you can go for those delicious deep-fried, pastry-based, or Lucious cream-based dishes. But this should only be once in a while. 

Beware of the extras when eating turkey 

Turkey is a traditional and delicious Christmas dinner which means that it is hard to resist. But you can safely eat turkey without compromising your health. All you have to do is to make wise choices. 

For example, eat plenty of veggies with your turkey but opt for plain roasted veggies like peas, carrots, and sprouts instead of the butter-coated starchy veggies like potatoes and parsnips. 

Steer clear of any alcoholic or sugary drinks if you are a heart patient. High-salt foods such as sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing, and gravy should be avoided altogether or consumed sparingly. 

Fill up on veggies 

We are talking about plain veggies and not those slathered in butter or cheese sauces. Opt for steamed or boiled veggies with a light seasoning to get your fiber, vitamins, and mineral intake. 

Cut back on Christmas nibbles 

Nibbles are a common part of Christmas celebrations. You can have an odd mince pie, shortbread biscuit, festive tipple, or chocolate sweet in controlled portions. 

But these should not be eaten as a replacement of food/main course. Steer clear of any high-fat and high-salt savory snacks such as dry roasted nuts and crisps.

Be drink aware 

Do not exceed the suggested alcohol intake of 14 units a week for men and women. It is easier to indulge in excessive drinking in December due to the festivity but you can keep your alcohol intake in check by following some tips. 

Start by reading the labels of the alcohol and search for the number of units. You could use a spirit measure, a measuring spoon, or a jug to accurately measure the amount of alcohol. 

Excessive drinking is too dangerous for heart patients. Furthermore, the liquid calories in alcohol are bad news for people watching out for weight gain.


In this article, we answered the question “Can we eat out this Christmas?”, and how to enjoy Christmas celebrations without compromising on health?