Can warm pumpkin pie go in the fridge?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “can warm pumpkin pie go in the fridge?” We will discuss how to store pum[kin pie in the fridge as well as in the freezer. In the end, we will know the shelf life of pumpkin pie. 

Can warm pumpkin pie go in the fridge?

No, warm pumpkin pie cannot go in the fridge, you have to cool it first then keep it in the fridge. Before topping your pumpkin pie, make sure it’s cool. 

Even if the pumpkin pie is just somewhat warm when it is wrapped or covered, condensation will form after the pie has been wrapped or covered, resulting in a soggy pie crust. To prevent this, keep your pumpkin pie unwrapped in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Once the pumpkin pie is completely cool then the best way is to keep the pumpkin pie in the refrigerator. This is particularly true for no-preservative pumpkin pies that are produced at home. 

After that, you risk bacterial development if you leave your pumpkin pie out on the counter for more than 2 hours. Wait for pumpkin pie to cool then simply store it in the fridge. 

You will need to be refrigerated to keep its freshness. The custard filling in pumpkin pie includes cooked eggs, which is one of the reasons it should be kept refrigerated.

Mold and bacteria may develop in large quantities in pumpkin pie filling because of the moist and sensitive nature of the filling. Mold and bacteria thrive in damp and warm surroundings.

If your pie is left out over the counter at normal temperature for more than one or two days, it may even begin to mold. That isn’t even close to enough time.

However, if you keep the homemade pumpkin pie correctly in the refrigerator, you may eat it for around 4-5 days, thereby doubling its storage life.

How to keep pumpkin pie in the fridge?

The pumpkin pie should be kept refrigerated. After baking and chilling, egg-rich pies must be stored in the refrigerator.

This is true whether you’ve made your pumpkin pie or purchased a pumpkin pie from the shop to enjoy at home. Pumpkin pies, both handmade and store-bought, should be kept in the refrigerator rather than on the kitchen counter.

If you have a store-bought pumpkin pie, put it in the refrigerator as soon as you get it home. You may store that in a box or jar that it came in, or you should wrap it loosely in plastic wrap to preserve it from becoming damaged. 

You’ll need to let a newly made pumpkin pie cool completely before serving. Place the pumpkin pie on a cooling rack after removing it from the oven.

Allow the pumpkin pie to cool for up to 2 hours at room temperature. Wrap the pumpkin pie loosely in plastic wrap after it has cooled to the touch.

Should you freeze pumpkin pie?

If you are really thinking of preparing pumpkin pie, freezing it, and then eating it later, this is a possibility, but it may not be the greatest choice. Pie made with pumpkin may be frozen for about two months if it is carefully covered in plastic wrap.

You avoid the custard filling from separating as you thaw your pumpkin pie, be sure to defrost it slowly and gently.

Remove the pumpkin pie from the freezer and refrigerate it for at least a day before eating. This will allow the pie to gently thaw while also preventing the contents from crumbling.

If you put the pie in the oven straight from the freezer, it will split, allowing the fluids within the pie to leak out, shattering the pie top, and creating a large mess.

What is the shelf life of pumpkin pie?

When stored properly in the refrigerator, pumpkin pie will survive for three to four days. However, certain shop-bought pumpkin pies may include preservatives that may interfere with this process, but in general, pumpkin pies that are cooked or baked fresh at a bakery or store will adhere to this basic guideline.

Place an entire pumpkin pie inside the refrigerator. Place the pumpkin pie inside the fridge and allow it to sit there for about 4 days.

The pumpkin pie may be frozen if you know you will not be eating this within a few days. It will keep for many weeks in the freezer. You have the option of freezing the whole pie or a half of a pie.


In this brief article, we answered the question “can warm pumpkin pie go in the fridge?” We discussed how to store pum[kin pie in the fridge as well as in the freezer. In the end, we know the shelf life of pumpkin pie. 


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