Can toothpicks go in the oven? (+5 steps)

In this article, we will answer the question “Can toothpicks go in the oven?”, and why would you put toothpicks in the oven?

Can toothpicks go in the oven?

Yes, toothpicks can go in the oven. You can safely use the regular wooden toothpicks in the oven without a worry. However, toothpicks with frills or decorative elements can catch fire. These are strictly forbidden to be used in the oven. Their use should only be limited to decorative purposes only.

The regular wooden toothpick doesn’t catch fire because It keeps absorbing water from the food from which It is sticking out. You can soak the toothpicks before putting them in the oven to make sure the toothpicks do not burn from the tips. 

This is particularly important If you will be eating your food for more than 10 minutes. Keep the toothpicks soaked in cold water for 10 minutes before sticking them in your food that goes in the oven. Read on If you want to know more about using toothpicks.

Buy toothpicks that aren’t wooden 

Toothpicks made of metal are used by most chefs. They work pretty well in the oven and serve to eliminate the risk of catching fire. The best part about metal toothpicks is that they can be reused. 

Some people especially use metal toothpicks for Shish Kabobs. However, make sure you do not touch these toothpicks right after taking the food out of the oven. Because the metal gets too hot.

Why would you put toothpicks in the oven?

Toothpicks are a great way to hold your food in place while they bake in the oven. For example, holding a little burrito in place or baking a chicken breast. Toothpicks can also be used to serve desserts at parties. 

If you need to keep the toothpicks intact after baking, replace old toothpicks with new ones. If you run out of toothpicks or you do not want to use them, use uncooked spaghetti instead to hold your food together.

4 easy to use a toothpick in baking

Use toothpicks to test readiness

Wear oven mitts and take out your baked food. Insert a clean and unused toothpick right in the middle of your bread or cake until It is all the way through the bread. Then take out the toothpick straight out of your food from the same hole through which you inserted it.

 If the toothpick is wet, has crumbs attached to it, let your food bake for another 5 minutes. If It comes out clean your food is ready.

Use toothpicks to cut a cake into layers 

Follow the steps below to slice the layer using dental floss and wooden toothpicks.

  1. With the help of a ruler, measure the height of your food product. Let’s assume It comes out to be 2-inches high. 
  1. Insert a clean and unused toothpick horizontally into the side of your baked product at half the height of the cake. 
  1. Repeat this process until you have inserted toothpicks all the way around your baked product. Keep the toothpicks 2-inches apart. 
  1. Wrap the circumference of your cake in the middle using dental floss. The floss should sit right at the toothpicks. 
  1. Cross the toothpick where both ends meet. Then start pulling the cake gently. Discord the floss when the cake is sliced. Remove the toothpicks and carry on with your food.

Use toothpicks to join cake layers 

Flatten the bottom layer of your cake. Decorate it with frosting. Insert 3 toothpicks into the cake vertically such that they are equally distant from each other. Place the second layer of layer on top of the toothpicks and you are done.

Use toothpicks to hold plastic wrap above a frosted cake 

Depending on the size of your cake, insert 6-12 toothpicks on top of your cake such that they are equally distant from each other. Insert 10-15 toothpicks into the side of the cake closer to the top edge of the cake so that all the toothpicks are equally apart. 

Tear off enough plastic wrap to entirely cover your cake. Place the plastic wrap gently over the cake so that It sits on the toothpicks. Tuck the plastic wrap under your serving dish. Before serving the cake, remove the toothpicks.


In this article, we answered the question “Can toothpicks go in the oven?”, and why would you put toothpicks in the oven?