Can the instant pot lid go in the dishwasher? (+5 issues)

In this article, we will answer the question “Can the instant pot lid go in the dishwasher?”, and how to deep clean parts of the instant pot?

Can the instant pot lid go in the dishwasher?

Although all parts of an instant pot except the cooker base are dishwasher-safe, It is better to not use the dishwasher on the lid. Instead, wash It with plenty of water after every use. You can also use warm soapy water for efficient and fast removal of stains and food residues.

How to deep clean parts of instant pot?

For deep cleaning the parts of instant pot, follow the steps below:

  • Push the Anti-block shield from one side and check for any food residues. After cleaning and drying, push It back into its position.
  • Pull the venting knob and install It back after washing and rinsing it.
  • Slide the condensation collector out and drain any liquid If present. Wash and dry and slide It back.

Clean instant pot exterior housing and rim 

Never use water directly on the exterior housing. Instead, use a dampened towel to wipe clean the surface. To clean the rim, soak the craft foam brush in foamy water and then use it to clean the area around the rim. 

You can also use a makeshift foam brush by wrapping a dampened microfiber cleaning cloth around a stick or chopstick. Push It around the rim to wipe It clean.

Clean instant pot liner

Hand wash the instant stainless steel liner using soapy water or leave the job to the dishwasher as It is dishwasher-safe. The cloudy or rainbow stains on the bottom of the pot can be removed by spraying white vinegar followed by wiping it off after some time. 

Use a ‘Bar Keepers Friend’ cleanser to wipe off the stubborn stains that dogged the white vinegar. If some stains still manage to stay on the pot somehow, you can combine the ‘Bar Keepers Freind’ with the ‘Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponge’.

Clean instant pot sealing ring

It’s best to rinse and dry the sealing ring while It is still in its position because frequent pulling out will deform its shape which will affect the pressure cooking. It can also be washed in the dishwasher. 

The stinky smell of the sealing ring can be eliminated by soaking It in white vinegar. Your best bet is to have at least one spare ring and use one for savory and the other ring for sweet dishes.

Other FAQs about Instant Pots which you may be interested in.

How long does it take for an instant pot to natural release?

Functions of an instant pot

  • You can use an instant pot in place of a slow cooker or pressure cooker to cook delicious food in a short time.
  • Instant pot is great for cooking rice. When the timer goes off, the rice will be cooked. You can do other chores during the cooking period without having to stand by it.
  • Instant pot can be used to steam food as well as caramelize vegetables using the saute mode.
  • You can keep your food warm in an instant pot.
  • Instant pot can be used to set yogurt. Some advanced versions of instant pot also enable you to boil eggs bake cakes.

Common instant pot problems and how to fix them

Instant pot is taking too long to start the timer

The instant pot will take at least 15 minutes to pressurize and start the timer. If the recipe says “pressure cook in Instant Pot for 5 minutes”, add 15 minutes to this time. 

However, If It takes longer than 20 minutes to start the timer, check the settings and adjust the mode If needed. Plus the more food you stuff in your pot, the longer It will take to start the timer.

The pot is showing a “Burn” message 

This is a sign that the food might burn or the pot might suffer damage. It may be because the water is scarce in the pot and is not reached the bottom and sidewalls of the pot. Let the pot cool down If you have been sauteeing on high heat. 

Layer the starches and sauces for complex meals and elevate your meal with the help of a cooling rack. After sauteeing a vegetable or sauce, make sure the pot is clean of any bits and pieces before moving to the next cooking process.

An error code message 

If you pot shows an error code message, refer to the support page. For example, C1 means your temperature sensors are not functional, similarly, C5 means the inner pot does not have sufficient water in it.

The instant pot keeps beeping 

The pot normally beats when the timer sets on and off, If It beats otherwise, checks for a coded message on the screen and fixes the problem. This usually happens due to overheating.


In this article, we will answer the question “Can the instant pot lid go in the dishwasher?”, and how to deep clean parts of instant pot?


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