Can the glass top on my stove be replaced?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can the glass top on my stove be replaced?”, and how to repair a damaged glass cooktop?

Can the glass top on my stove be replaced?

Yes, the glass top on the stove can be replaced. Read on If you want to know how to replace the glass stovetop. 

How to remove a glass cooktop?

Materials and tools required 

  • Thin work gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Vacuum
  • Sturdy prop (2′ long scrap wood)


Order a replacement part 

Refer to the model number or serial number written on the back or somewhere inside of your stove. Purchase the replacement before removing the old cooktop. Buy it online or from your nearest electronic or appliance store.

Unplug the stove 

Remove the plug and carry the stove away from the countertop. Then open the oven door. This is an important step to avoid any electricity hazards by cutting the power to the cooktop.

Remove the screws 

Look for two Phillips-head screws on the undersides of the cooktop. Set aside the screws to use them later.

Lift the cooktop 

After removing the screws, the freely resting cooktop can be easily removed by lifting it from the frame. 

Remove the burners and the cooktop

The burners of the cooktop are either attached to the stove frame or the cooktop.  The later attachment involves wires. The cooktop can be easily detached If the burner is attached to the stove frame by lifting it. 

Vacuum clean the area thoroughly.  In case burners are attached to the cooktop. The front of the cooktop needs to be held away from the stove frame using some sort of prop that is strong enough. 

Then, undo the screws of the burners from the cooktop brackets. Make sure you do not drop the burners or pull them away from the stove frame. Let the burner rest freely over the insulated area of the stove frame. 

After removing both the burners,  the cooktop can be easily lifted away from the stove frame. Save the removed screws for later use.  

Note: wear gloves If your cooktop is broken. You need to protect yourself against the tiny and sharp shreds of glass or ceramic that might be spread in the whole work area.

Slide on the new cooktop

Slide the new cooktop into the cooktop frame over the notches. If there aren’t any brackets for the attachment of the burners, remove them from the previous cooktop. Screw the removed brackets into the new cooktop and attach them to the burners. 

The back of the cooktop should be inserted into the stove frame whilst the front of the cooktop is held up using a sturdy prop. The back burners should be thatched first to the new cooktop using the screws you removed from the old cooktop. 

Do not disturb the wires. Attach the front burners in the same way. Adjust the cooktop onto the stove frame after removing the prop.

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How to Repair a Damaged Glass Cooktop?

Smalls scratches are no big deal. They can be easily handled using a touchup kit. Hoover, in case of single or multiple large cuts in the glass, your best bet is to replace the damaged glass cooktop. 

The repair needs to be bullet-proof, not literally of course, but in terms of its resistance to bear the high heat during cooking. Follow the steps below to repair your glass cooktop. 

Part 1: Rust, Burns

Use the cleaner and restorer to get rid of any rust, tough burns, and stains in your glass. The applicator pad in the kid not only cleans the surface of any rust and burnt-off residues but also imparts a shine to the surface.

Part 2: Repair Small Chips and Scratches

Before repairing, clean the area thoroughly with any burnt-on grease remover kit. After the surface is dry, spread the surface with a glaze using the applicator from the touchup kit. Let the glaze dry. 

Reapply the glaze If the chips, cracks, and scratches are not filled. Once all the damaged areas are filled and the glaze has dried off, use a fine-grit garnet paper for finishing. 

Use a soft cloth for buffing after you are done sanding the surface. Wait for 24 hours before using your cooktop.

Part 3: Serious Cracks

A cooktop with cracks is better replaced than repaired, to ensure safety. The cooktop is exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations which will result in the shattering of the damaged cooktop.


In this article, we answered the question “Can the glass top on my stove be replaced?”, and how to repair a damaged glass cooktop?


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