Can sweet potatoes go in the fridge?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “can sweet potatoes go in the fridge?” We will discuss how to store sweet potatoes in the fridge and at room temperature. In the end, we will understand how to know if the sweet potatoes turn bad.

Can sweet potatoes go in the fridge?

Yes, sweet potatoes can go in the fridge as well as you can store them at room temperature. Fresh potatoes may be stored in the refrigerator for about three or four months and there is no need to preserve them in any particular manner. 

They don’t need to be stored in airtight containers, crisper drawers, or plastic bags. They may simply be placed on a shelf. The potatoes will not survive as long if you peel, chop, or fry them.

Fresh sweet potatoes are the most shelf-stable of all the potato varieties. Potatoes have a substantially shorter shelf life after they’ve been peeled, cooked, or otherwise prepared. 

Compared to fresh potatoes that are simply placed in the refrigerator, they will survive nearly as long. If there are dark patches on the potato, remove them from the refrigerator and discard them. 

Before they can grow to the rest of the potato, those spots must be removed, and if the potato has many of them, the sweet potatoes should be thrown or utilized as soon as possible after the black spots have been removed.

How to keep sweet potatoes in the fridge?

Not only sweet potatoes, you can store any type of potato in the fridge. They’ll keep for approximately 3-5 days in the refrigerator, exactly like cooked white or red potatoes. But you have to keep them in a closed container.  

Sweet potato spoils more easily than other potatoes. These potatoes have a sweeter flavor and a distinct hue than other types of potatoes, so you may be wondering whether you should use them sooner rather than later.

The sweet potatoes will stay longer this way, whether they are being stored in mashed form or sweet potato, or baked sweet potato form. If you store it carefully it will last for 5 to 6 days. 

Before reheating and eating them, though, you should search for indicators that they are going bad. Before nibbling into leftovers from the fridge, always double-check them. 

If they’ve gone bad since you last looked at them, it’s possible that there was an issue with the storage box or that they’ve been sitting in the refrigerator for an excessive amount of time.

Look for discoloration, stains, a poor odor, or sticky or moist things on the surface as signs that they aren’t fit to consume. These are the signs which indicate that the potatoes had turned bad. 

Don’t take any risks with food that might go bad. Put it out of your mind rather than risking your health by attempting to consume it and praying for the best.

How to Store Sweet Potatoes at room temperature?

Keep sweet potatoes in a cool, dry place where they will not be exposed to direct sunlight. This may be your pantry or a rear corner of your kitchen countertop. 

Keep them self-contained in a dish or basket, and always properly wash and clean their skin before cooking them. Tiny white flecks in uncooked sweet potatoes are simply evidence of this structural alteration. 

Storing sweet potatoes at room temperature is the safest method. You can simply put it in the container and store it for about one month. 

Before storing the potatoes, do not wash them. If you wash them the moisture may spoil more quickly so it is better to store them unwashed. 

How to know if sweet potatoes turn bad?

The nice thing about sweet potatoes is that they will tell you when it is beyond their prime. This is no complicated thing to identify spoiled potatoes. 

Sweet potatoes that have gone rotten may be identified by their evident evidence of discoloration, smooched blotches, or other rotting places. 

Another clue that a sweet potato is beyond its prime is if it is wrinkled or shrinking. And it will smell a little strange, too. If a potato begins to grow eyeballs, it does not always indicate that it has gone rotten. 

All that is required is the pruning of the sprouts using a paring knife or a sharp vegetable peeler. After that use the sweet potatoes immediately otherwise the potatoes will spoil completely and then you should not use them. If the potatoes show a sign of bad smell just discard them. 

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In this brief article, we answered the question “can sweet potatoes go in the fridge?” We discussed how to store sweet potatoes in the fridge and at room temperature. In the end, we understand how to know if the sweet potatoes turn bad.