Can strawberries cause diarrhea? (+3 tips)

In this article, we will answer the question “Can strawberries cause diarrhea?”, and what are the health benefits of strawberries?

Can strawberries cause diarrhea?

Yes, eating strawberries can cause diarrhea in certain individuals due to several reasons. Firstly, allergies or sensitivities to strawberries can trigger gastrointestinal symptoms, which includes diarrhea (1-2). 

Secondly, the natural sugar fructose found in strawberries can be problematic for individuals with fructose intolerance, leading to digestive issues (3).  

Additionally, the high fiber content in strawberries can contribute to loose stools or diarrhea, particularly if someone is not accustomed to consuming a lot of fiber (4).

Lastly, pesticide residues and pathogens on strawberries may affect your health, causing digestive disturbances including diarrhea (5-6) .

What are the main causes of experiencing diarrhea after eating strawberries?

The main causes of experiencing diarrhea after eating strawberries can be attributed to various factors including:

  1. Food poisoning: You might experience diarrhea after eating strawberries as a result of food poisoning, which can occur if strawberries come into contact with feces or contaminated soil, leading to the presence of pathogenic microorganisms (7-8). 

Properly washing strawberries before consumption is therefore crucial to avoid microbial contamination and subsequent diarrhea (9).

  1. Underlying digestive issues: For individuals with chronic diarrhea, an allergic reaction to strawberries may be an indication of an underlying issue with their digestive system (10). 

Consulting a healthcare provider is recommended in such cases to determine the root cause.

  1. Allergic reactions: Allergies or sensitivities to strawberries can also trigger different gastrointestinal symptoms including diarrhea (1-2)
  1. Fructose intolerance: Another cause is fructose intolerance, which hampers the digestion and absorption of fruit sugar (fructose) by the small intestine(3). 

The undigested fructose then moves to the large intestine and undergoes fermentation by gut bacteria. This fermentation process can result in symptoms like bloating, constipation, and diarrhea (3).

What is the duration of diarrhea caused by strawberries?

The duration of diarrhea caused by strawberries can vary depending on different factors, including your overall health, the specific cause of the diarrhea, and how your body reacts to strawberries. 

In general, if the diarrhea is solely due to a temporary sensitivity or intolerance to strawberries, it is likely to resolve within a few days.

However, if the diarrhea is a result of food poisoning from contaminated strawberries or a more severe underlying gastrointestinal condition, the duration may be longer. 

Food poisoning can lead to acute diarrhea that typically lasts for a few days to a week (11). If the diarrhea persists beyond this timeframe or becomes severe, it is very  important to seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and treatment.

If you frequently experience diarrhea after eating strawberries or have concerns about your symptoms, it is best to consult a healthcare professional for a thorough evaluation and appropriate guidance.

What to do if you are experiencing diarrhea after eating strawberries?

If you are experiencing diarrhea after eating strawberries, you should follow the next general recommendations:

  • Hydrate: Diarrhea can lead to dehydration, so it’s important to drink plenty of fluids to replenish lost water and electrolytes (12). Opt for water, clear broths, oral rehydration solutions, and avoid caffeinated or sugary beverages.
  • Rest your digestive system: Give your digestive system a break by avoiding solid foods for a short period. Stick to a bland diet consisting of easily digestible foods like rice, boiled potatoes, toast, and bananas.
  • Monitor your symptoms: Keep track of the frequency and consistency of your bowel movements, as well as any additional symptoms you may experience. 

If the diarrhea is severe, lasts for more than a couple of days, or is accompanied by other concerning symptoms like high fever or blood in the stool, seek medical attention immediately.

  • Avoid triggering foods: If you suspect strawberries are causing your diarrhea, temporarily avoid consuming them to see if the symptoms subside. 

Additionally, avoid other known trigger foods or substances that may worsen diarrhea, such as spicy foods, greasy foods, alcohol, and caffeine.


In this article, we answered the question “Can strawberries cause diarrhea?”, and what are the health benefits of strawberries?


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