Can sriracha go bad? (+3 Ways to tell)

In this article, we will answer the question “Can sriracha go bad?”, and how do you know when the sriracha is bad?

Can sriracha go bad?

Yes, sriracha can go bad. Like other condiments, sriracha is quite shelf-stable due to the chiles and distilled vinegar. But it is perishable and can go bad and faster If stored incorrectly.

How do you know when sriracha is bad?

Sriracha does not go bad unless you help it. If it is stored for too long, it usually loses its flavor. If it has been in contact with moisture or subjected to heat, It can go bad easily.

  • If you can see mold over the surface of the sriracha sauce or around the cap, It has gone bad.
  • If the sriracha gives off a fermented smell instead of its usual smell of garlic and other seasonings, discard it.
  • If there is something strange about the texture of the sauce, consider throwing it in the bin.

How long does sriracha last?

The best-by date printed on the label of a sriracha bottle will give you a close estimation of how long the sriracha sauce will retain its prime quality. However, this date is of no importance If the sauce is stored incorrectly. 

If stored properly, an unopened bottle of sriracha will stay good for about 24 months past its printed date. 

If the bottle was stored open and is now past its printed date, check to see If It meets the quality parameters. An opened bottle of sriracha with a tightly sealed cap will last 24 months in the fridge. In the pantry, its shelf-life is reduced to 9 months. 

For extended storage of sriracha, inspect the bottle for any damage. If the bottle or jar is leaking or damaged, transfer it to an air-tight container immediately for a longer shelf-life.

How to store sriracha?

A bottle of sriracha either goes in the fridge or in the pantry. An unopened bottle of sriracha should be kept in a dark, dry, and cool place away from heat like direct sunlight and heat from the stovetop. 

A kitchen cabinet or a pantry would be good for storage. Make sure there are no major temperature fluctuations in the storage area. On the other hand, an opened bottle of sriracha should always go in the fridge. Make sure the cap is tightly screwed after each use.

Can sriracha be left unrefrigerated?

As long as the bottle of the sriracha is unopened, It can be safely kept unrefrigerated. Besides, you have to make sure the storage area is cool, dark, and dry. In addition to this, temperature fluctuations are the worst enemy of the quality of sriracha. 

Therefore, you must not keep it in a place near the stove where the temperature is not steady. If you live in a hot country, It is best to refrigerate the sriracha If moderately cool temperatures are unachievable.

How long does homemade sriracha last?

Homemade sriracha, due to the lack of preservatives, will be good for 4-6 months owing to its vinegar content that has natural preservative properties. 

Can you make sriracha last longer?

No, you cannot make sriracha last longer. But you can adopt good storage practices to get the longest shelf-life of the sriracha sauce. Pour out as much sauce as you like by either tilting it or scooping it out using a dry and clean spoon. 

Finger dipping and dipping used spoons in the jar or bottle will further contaminate the sauce. Moreover, do not return the leftover sauce back to the bottle. It will contaminate the whole bulk. 

Last but not the least, always wipe clean the area around the cap of the bottle to prevent the sauce from drying. Drying leads to flaking which falls into the sauce and degrades its quality.

Can you freeze sriracha to make it last longer?

Yes, you can freeze sriracha. but It is not recommended. The sauce already has a pretty long shelf-life in the pantry and in the fridge. 

Moreover, freezing the sauce will alter its texture and taste. The flavor won’t be as intense and the texture will become thin. 

Besides, who would wait for sriracha to defrost when they want to immediately splash some sriracha over their meals.

Sriracha changes to expect 

If the sriracha has been stored for too long, it changes its color from a bright red to a muted dark red. Do not worry, you would have finished your sauce by then. 

Besides, the longer the sriracha sits in the pantry, the hotter It will get. To prevent this, refrigerate the sriracha. 


In this article, we answered the question “Can sriracha go bad?”, and how do you know when the sriracha is bad?


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