Can peanut oil be reused? (3 signs of spoilage)

In this brief article, we will answer the question: can peanut oil be reused? We will also explain shelf life of peanut oil, its storage conditions, signs of bad peanut oil and how long peanut oil stays good.

Can you reuse peanut oil? 

Yes, you can reuse peanut oil after using it once. Once you have utilized the peanut oil in frying, let the oil cool. Use a strainer to separate any large pieces of batter or food in the oil. When that is done, your oil is clean and ready to be used for the next batch. Reusing any type of oil deteriorates its quality so it is better not to reuse it more than three times.

Peanut oil also known as groundnut oil is a type of vegetable oil derived from peanuts. It usually has a mild or neutral flavor when made of fresh peanuts. If it is made from roasted peanuts the flavor and aroma become stronger.

Can peanut oil go bad?

Yes, peanut oil can go bad. Like all kinds of oils peanut oil also oxidizes with time and tends to develop rancidity.  However, if you store it in a cool dark place, it can last for months or even a year without spoiling. Refrigeration also helps prolong the shelf life.

Shelf life of peanut oil:

Peanut oil is just like any other vegetable oil and it has a commercial expiration date. Past the expiration date the oil starts to lose its quality and it is better not to use it after that. Because after the expiration date passes the chances of rancidity increases.

Shelf life of peanut oil depends on the storage condition and how refined it was before production. If you are sure about both of these factors you can use peanut oil even after expiration date.

In the case of opened peanut oil, the risk of rancidity is higher. It has a shelf life of six months to one year maximum if stored in proper conditions. The shelf life of opened and used peanut oil is three to five uses after first use.

How to store peanut oil?

Like other vegetable oils peanut oil also comes in proper packaging. The best way to store peanut oil is in the kitchen pantry or counter but always keep the lid closed. The shelf life of peanut oil increases in proper conditions.

The way to store peanut oil is:

  • You do not have to refrigerate it but keep it in your kitchen pantry or counter. Make sure it is away from heat and direct exposure of heat
  • An opened bottle has more risk of rancidity, so cover it each time you use it. Opened bottle of peanut oil can be refrigerated at optimal conditions to extend its shelf life
  • To store reused peanut oil make sure to put it in an airtight container after removing all the food particles from it. Do not pour used oil in unused one instead store them both separately in different containers

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How to tell oil has gone bad?

Just like any other food, spoilage of peanut oil is not very visible. So you have to be very careful when reusing peanut oil for frying. Oils don’t go bad often but when they come in contact with moisture or air oxygen they turn rancid.

The signs that peanut oil is no longer usable are:

Development of mold:

Oils are most shelf stable products but due to high levels of fats they are still at risk of fungal attack. The texture of oil does not change once it goes bad but mold starts to develop. A mold is very visible so you will know when to discard oil


Oils have a high level of fats and upon reaction with oxygen the fats get rancid. Rancid oil has a characteristic smell and flavor. If the oil gives off unpleasant odor it may be because it has gone rancid.

Change in color:

With every use of peanut oil, the color turns darker. It is quite normal in the case of reusing oil but if the oil gets much darker you should not use it. If the smell is okay but the color looks very dark, it is best to discard.

How long does peanut oil stay good?

Peanut oil can be used again and again for quite a few times especially when frying. It is best to use it three to five times but many people use it till its color changes. It is best not to use it more than five times.

Peanut oil has the tendency of picking off-smell and flavor of food that was fried in it. And it affects the quality of cooking other food items in it. It is best to use deep fried oil for the same food items but you can use it three to five times for different food items.

If you want to use the same peanut oil for all the frying of one day, make sure to choose refined oil. Refined oil has more friable qualities than unrefined one. It also gives better texture to food and makes frying easier


In this brief article, we have answered the question can peanut oil be reused. We have also explained shelf life of peanut oil, its storage conditions, signs of bad peanut oil and how long peanut oil stays good