Can out-of-date yogurt make you sick? (+3 Ways to tell)

In this article, we will answer the question “Can out-of-date yogurt make you sick?”, and how to store yogurt?

Can out-of-date yogurt make you sick?

Yes, out-of-date yogurt can make you sick. Eating out-of-date yogurt leads to food poisoning which is reflected in diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea, etc. Once the yogurt is past its expiry, It becomes unsafe for consumption. 

If the yogurt passes the quality test within a day or two past the expiry, It can be consumed but the It would taste tangier as compared to sweet.

How long does open yogurt last?

After opening, it is recommended to consume the yogurt within 3-5 days for peak quality especially If the yogurt does not have preservatives. 

In the fridge In the freezer
Past printed date Past printed date 
Frozen yogurt (unopened)—-2-3 months 
Drinkable yogurt (unopened)7-10 days 1-2 months 
Greek yogurt (unopened)1-2 weeks 1-2 months
Reduced-fat yogurt (unopened)1-2 weeks 1-2 months
Yogurt with fruit (unopened)7-10 days 1 week1-2 months
All types of opened yogurt1 month

Dairy products including yogurt will spoil much earlier than their Best-by If they were mishandled during transport or storage. Therefore, read the sell-by and the best-by date before buying yogurt. 

Like other refrigerated items, keep the yogurt at the end of the grocery list. Buy it at the last and refrigerate it immediately once you get home.

How to store yogurt?

Yogurt should be refrigerated at all times irrespective of its type. Do not place it in the door of the fridge to protect against temperature fluctuations.

After opening, the yogurt container must be tightly sealed to prevent spoilage. Use aluminum foil to cover the package and secure it with a rubber band.

Use clean spoons to scoop out the yogurt. Do not put the leftover yogurt portion back into the rest of the yogurt. Before buying, check the Best-by date on the label. Keep it away from foods that have a pungent smell because the yogurt will pick up odors easily.

Can you freeze yogurt?

Yogurt can be frozen but the quality won’t be the same. Just like buttermilk, the solids in yogurt will separate out leaving the liquid behind. 

If the yogurt is to be used in baking and cooking, the altered texture won’t be a problem. Yogurt with a thick consistency like greek-yogurt freezes well than its plain counterparts.

How to tell if the yogurt is bad?

  1. If you notice any discoloration or mold growth near the lid and on the surface of the yogurt, discard it immediately.
  1. If the yogurt gives off a sour smell, throw it away. If the yogurt looks apparently fine but tastes too sour, it has started to spoil.
  1. If the smooth texture of the yogurt is lost as it becomes clumpy and the water that separates floats on the top, it is spoiled. However, some of the whey in the form of liquid also sits on top, it is totally natural and the yogurt can be consumed after stirring it in.

How to make yogurt at home?


  • 42 ounces organic milk, (whole, 2% or skim milk)
  • 1 packet yogurt starter


  1. Pour milk into a microwave-safe bowl. Heat the milk in the microwave until the thermometer reads 180℉. This should take about 10 minutes.
  1. Remove the milk from the microwave and allow it to cool down to 112-115℉. Use an ice bath to hasten the process.
  1. Transfer one cup of milk to the glass. Then open and stir the yogurt starter pack into it. Put this milk back into the bowl.
  1. Fill the glass jar of the yogurt maker. The timer should be set to 7-9 hours. The longer the yogurt is kept inside, the firmer the yogurt will be and the tangier the taste.
  1. After the incubation period is over, add your favorite toppings like granola and fruits. Then transfer the yogurt to the fridge.

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Types of yogurt

Other than the ones mentioned below, yogurt also comes in the form of Coconut yogurt, Soy yogurt, Goat milk yogurt, Sheep’s milk yogurt, Australian yogurt, Almond yogurt, etc.

Traditional unstrained yogurt

As the name indicates, this type of yogurt is unstrained and has s thinner consistency as compared to greek and Australian yogurt.

Greek yogurt

In comparison to its traditional unstrained counterpart, Greek yogurt has more protein and fewer sugar and carbs. Do not buy any greek yogurt whose label says it has added whey concentrate and modified corn starch.

Skyr or Iceland yogurt

Skyr is a cultured yogurt that originated in Iceland. It has more protein than any other yogurt.

Drinkable yogurt and kefir

Drinkable yogurt comes in a wide range of consistency and is the best type of yogurt to consume when you are on the go. Kefir provides enormous benefits for your gut health.


In this article, we answered the question “Can out-of-date yogurt make you sick?”, and how to store yogurt?