Can out-of-date cheese make you sick?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can out-of-date cheese make you sick?”, and what is the fridge life of different types of cheese?

Can out-of-date cheese make you sick?

Eating out-of-date cheese won’t make you sick unless It is moldy. Even in the case of moldy cheese, you can get rid of the moldy part and consume the rest If It smells, looks, and tastes alright. 

Semi-hard or semi-soft cheese is safe to eat even 2-4 weeks past the printed date. However, be careful when It comes to soft cheese like feta and brie. 

This type of cheese has relatively higher moisture content and It should not be consumed once It becomes moldy. You should not consume a moldy soft cheese even after you remove the moldy part. 

The fridge life of different types of cheese

Hard cheeses 

Examples: Asiago, Parmesan, Beaufort, pecorino Romano, Cheddar

What’s the fridge life? Harde and aged cheese varieties, due to their low moisture content, last the longest in the fridge out of all types of cheese. 

How to store it: This cheese should be stored in the fridge after lightly wrapping it in cheesecloth, parchment paper, or butcher paper. You need to let the cheese breathe to get the most out of its shelf-life. 

How to tell If it’s gone bad: If you notice mold growth in blue or green color, you can sue the cheese after removing the moldy area. However, If you notice any red or black mold growing over your hard cheese, discard your cheese immediately.

Semi-hard to semi-soft cheeses 

Examples: Emmental, Gruyère, havarti, Muenster, Port Salut, Gouda, Edam, Jarlsberg, Cantal, cașcaval

What’s the fridge life? Semi-hard and semi-soft cheeses don’t last a sling as the hard cheeses. They stay good for about 2-4 weeks past the expiry. Thoroughly examine the cheese before using it If it is expired.

How to store it? The best way to store this cheese is to first loosely wrap it up in parchment paper so that It can breathe. Then put the wrapped cheese inside a ziplock bag. The zip-lock bag will restrict the airflow, whilst keeping the cheese from picking up undesirable odors.

How to tell If it’s gone bad: you can consume this cheese after cutting off the moldy part. 

However, make sure the cheese is not giving off a strange smell. Let your senses be the judge. 

Soft cheeses 

Examples: Cottage cheese, cream cheese, ricotta, Brie, mozzarella, Neufchâtel, feta, Gorgonzola, Camembert

What’s the fridge life? Soft cheese varieties have a much shorter shelf-life as compared o the other varieties of cheese. This is because of the high moisture content. They would last a maximum of a week past their expiry. Be careful when consuming an expired soft cheese variety. Examine it thoroughly before eating it. 

How to store it? Soft cheese can be stored like semi-hard and hard cheese. Put your soft cheese in Tupperware or a plastic container. This will lock the moisture and prevent the cheese from picking up undesirable odors.

How to tell If it’s gone bad: When you see a little bit of mold growing on a soft cheese, you need to get rid of the whole cheese block. 

Processed American cheese slices 

Example: Kraft American Singles

What’s the fridge life? These cheese slices have a pretty long shelf-life. This type of cheese will expire in 5-6 months past production. 

Foods that you can eat past the expiration date 


The cereal begins to go stale quickly once It’s past its expiry. But you can prolong its shelf-life by storing it correctly. Cereal with added fats and nuts will have a shorter shelf-life than plain cereal. It is always a good idea to pour yourself some cereal to check If It is good or not.


Dry pasta, stored in a cool, dry, and dark place has a much longer shelf-life than the standard 1-2 years. However, the case is different with fresh pasta which has a lot of water and probably some eggs. Fresh pasta only lasts 1-2 days in the fridge, after which, It should be discarded.


Bread goes stale once it’s past its expiry but it may still be safe to eat. If the bread tastes sour or If you notice any type of organic growth over your bread, throw it in the bin. Stale bread can be used to make crispy french toast or croutons. 


Sealed yogurt lasts way past its best-by date. Open yogurt will naturally have a shorter shelf-life than unopened yogurt. But as long as the yogurt tastes good and does not give off a sour smell, you can eat it.

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In this article, we answered the question “Can out-of-date cheese make you sick?”, and what is the fridge life of different types of cheese?


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