Can orange juice go bad in the fridge?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “Can orange juice go bad in the fridge?”

Can orange juice go bad in the fridge?

Yes, orange juice can go bad in the fridge. It has a shelf life. Because orange juice oxidizes, bacteria penetrate the juice. This causes a huge shift and a sour flavor.

Even unopened orange juice goes rotten. The orange sugars eventually convert into alcohol and CO2.

In short, it ferments. It will produce a beer or wine-like juice, which is not good.

How Long Is Orange Juice Good For?

Store-bought orange juice contains chemicals, extending its shelf life.

Freshly squeezed orange juice has the lowest shelf life, particularly if it contains pulp. It’s ideal to drink it the same day, but it’s OK to consume it up to three days later.

Fresh orange juice is short-lived. It barely lasts 2–3 days in the fridge. At room temperature, It can only be left out for 2 hours. So drink it soon after squeezing.

Unopened store-bought OJ has a two-week shelf life. But, once opened, drink within seven days.

The shelf life of unopened orange juice is the longest. This orange juice has been pasteurized to destroy hazardous microorganisms including salmonella and E. coli. Unopened, it will last up to two years!

If it’s already opened, you have seven to ten days to finish it.

Any frozen orange juice will do! But you should eat it within four months, since its taste may diminish after that.

Orange Juice

There are two types of bottled orange juice: refrigerated and unrefrigerated. Their shelf life varies.

At room temperature, refrigerated orange juice does not survive long. Unrefrigerated, it only lasts two hours, like fresh orange juice. Unopened orange juice will last 8-9 days in the fridge. 1-2 weeks for the opened one

Unopened unrefrigerated orange juice may be kept at room temperature for 3-9 months. After opening, refrigerate it for 8-10 days.

Canned Orange Juice

Canned orange juice is longer lasting because it contains chemicals and preservatives that keep it from spoiling quickly. Pasteurized orange juice is cooked to destroy hazardous bacteria before being sold in cans.

Depending on the brand, the time varies. Orange juice may keep for a year if you don’t open the cans or bottles and store them at room temperature. The orange juice may be refrigerated for 8-10 days after opening.

But after a few months, the flavor will deteriorate. So eat it within 4 months.

Concentrate Orange

Water is removed from orange juice concentrate before processing and packaging it. So it’s pretty lengthy. Unless you drink it, it will endure forever.

The shelf life of orange juice concentrate is not determined by its expiry date. Not that the orange juice is best drunk in that time frame.

After thawing, orange juice concentrate may be refrigerated for up to a week. Note that once thawed, frozen orange juice cannot be refrozen.

How to store Orange Juice?

Unrefrigerated orange juice should be kept cold and dark, away from heat sources. Avoid light if it’s in a transparent container. Temperature changes and light damages the juice. The pantry is ideal, but a kitchen cabinet also works. After opening the jar, refrigerate it firmly.

The refrigerated OJ is another option. A notable example is Simply Beverages’ orange juice. Simply said, this kind of food should always be kept chilled. Always keep the container closed while not in use.

Finally, there’s homemade orange juice produced with fresh oranges. Fresh OJ, like refrigerated OJ, should be refrigerated.

If you can’t drink all your OJ before it turns sour, freezing it is a tried and true method. While freezing may reduce the juice’s quality, it should be good for use in a drink. To cool down on hot days, add a frozen OJ cube or two to your glass of water. 

How To Spot Spoiled Orange Juice?

Orange juice that has gone rotten has certain indications. Remember this if you forget to drink your orange juice and want to keep it. You can still consume if it has none of these symptoms.

A bad odor

You’ve had orange juice. It smells really clean. Your orange juice is spoiled if it smells sour and rotten. Orange juice smelling of alcohol or vinegar must also be rejected.

Bad Taste

Orange juice is sweet, tangy, and fruity. It is no longer safe to consume if it tastes bitter or like wine. Confidence! If you think it doesn’t taste nice, it does.

Mold Appearance

Check your orange juice for mold. White and green mold typically forms on the surface, and it grows over time. The worst symptom. You must discard them and buy new orange juice.

Color Change

Orange juice is a lovely pale orange. This means it’s spoiled or going to be. Don’t eat it. If you use canned orange juice and can’t see the color, pour it into a clear glass.


A lot of orange juice may have particles at the bottom. However, clots in your drink indicate rotten orange juice. Discard it immediately.

Bloated boxes

A bulging package indicates rotting. It signifies that the gas is within the packaging. Throw out the orange juice!


In this brief article, we answered the question “Can orange juice go bad in the fridge?”


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