Can mushrooms go off in the fridge?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “Can mushrooms go off in the fridge?”

Can mushrooms go off in the fridge?

Yes, mushrooms can go off in the fridge. They usually remain best for about 2 weeks before deteriorating. 

Some mushroom species have a longer shelf life than others, whereas others deteriorate more rapidly. The freshness of mushrooms may also be affected by other variables such as fridge temperature and humidity levels.

How to tell bad mushrooms?

To detect whether mushrooms are still edible, look for stains on the fungus. If you detect darker patches on the mushroom, it implies it’s going to rot. These patches will continue to deteriorate as they decay. If you merely cut around them, you can’t be sure they won’t do damage.

The stench of rotten mushrooms is another indicator. If they smell foul, like ammonia, they are rotting. They won’t be suitable to consume since they won’t taste good. 

Mushrooms should smell earthy, natural, and fresh. It should be delicate and not detectable from afar. Their foul fragrance is enough to tell you not to consume them. They’ve been spoiled beyond belief.

The dry or wrinkled appearance of spoiled mushrooms may also be identified. If you’re not sure, check for creases in the mushroom’s body. If the creases appear, the mushrooms are no longer edible. You may also purchase dried mushrooms, which have gone through a separate procedure and are more reliable.

Look for rotten mushrooms in the gills near the base of the cap. Mushrooms utilize these gills to disperse spores, but they may also help you determine whether your mushrooms are edible. 

If this region has darkened, the decaying process has started. Always avoid taking chances and throwing them away.

Looking at the top of the fungus can also tell you whether the mushrooms are still edible. The cap is the smooth spherical section. If you feel this layer and it feels soft and viscous, toss it aside. Mold and germs had already begun rotting the mushrooms. When mushrooms decay, this gooey film covers the top. 

If you’ve had your mushrooms stored for more than 10 days, it’s another indication that they’ve gone rotten. The mushrooms should be thrown away after this period of time, even though it’s bad to waste food. They will have deteriorated. 

This time is reduced if you slice the mushrooms yourself or buy them pre-sliced. Their increased exposure to the air will enable bacteria to decompose faster. Because the outer covering of the mushroom protects it, slicing it should only be stored for 7 days. Fresh vegetables should always be checked for use-by dates.

How to store mushrooms?

In proper storage, fresh mushrooms will remain edible for up to ten days after they are harvested. Before storing them in the fridge, it’s best to keep the mushrooms intact and unpeeled in a zip-lock plastic bag. This keeps them from growing slimy and rotten.

Keep mushrooms away from dishes with strong odors, and don’t pile something on top of them – they bruise easily! It’s preferable to freeze your mushrooms if you want to preserve them for more than a week. It is best to cook mushrooms first and then arrange them in freezer-safe containers or bags.

How to Store Mushrooms?

Preserve your mushrooms before they deteriorate with these storage recommendations.

Allow them to breathe. 

Mushrooms should be stored in a manner that enables them to get some air without becoming too dry. Popular storing methods include loosely wrapped paper bags stored up inside the fridge.

Make use of plastic bags. 

Plastic bags stuffed with paper towels may also be used to keep mushrooms fresh for a little longer. If you aren’t going to utilize your mushrooms right away, keep the towels fresh. 

Retain them in their original packaging

Simply maintain them in their original sealed containers/bags. . It’s unnecessary to move them to a new container if they come in a cardboard tube covered in plastic. Wait until you’re ready to utilize them to open or mess with them.


Mushrooms may be frozen for later use. Raw mushrooms are difficult to freeze due to their high-water content. It’s best to freeze them on parchment paper first and then transfer them as fast as possible to an airtight bag, pressing out as much air as possible.

Cooking them first and then storing them in airtight containers or freezer bags is the best method of storing them for later use.


In this brief article, we answered the question “Can mushrooms go off in the fridge?”


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