Can lotion go bad?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “can lotion go bad?” and the ways to use it safely.

Can lotion go bad?

Yes, lotion can go bad after the expiration date. When it comes to maintaining its effectiveness, lotion may be kept for an extended time.

Using lotion beyond the expiration date stated on the container, is not recommended. To learn how to determine if your lotion has expired and what you can do to prevent it from expiring, continue reading this article.

How long does a lotion’s efficacy last before it loses its effectiveness?

When it comes to lotion, there is no particular shelf life. An expiry date is not needed by either the FDA or the manufacturer under any circumstances.

Many goods, such as sunscreens, are labeled with a “best before” date. If you continue to use sunscreen beyond the expiration date, the efficacy of the chemicals will be reduced, increasing your risk of sunburn.

The usage period for other lotions may vary from 12 to 24 months after the product has been opened, depending on the formulation. Applying a permanent marker to the lotion container may assist you in determining when it is time to discard it to save waste.

Other chemicals have a limited shelf life, which results in a reduction in their effectiveness over time. Bacterial and fungal deterioration occurs over time as a result of the breakdown of preservation agents. When it comes to jelled lotions, in particular, exposure to the environment occurs very immediately once the jar is opened.

According to the FDA-Approved Source, eyeshadow cosmetics have the lowest shelf life of all cosmetic products. This is true regardless of the brand. For example, if the product is supplied via a tube or comes with a wand or built-in applicator that you will use regularly, it will be very helpful to you. Expect to change eye creams within a few months after purchasing them.

An unopened lotion will remain on the shelf for a longer time than an opened lotion. To summarise, if you open a bottle of lotion and it looks or smells terrible, toss it away.

Let’s talk about do-it-yourself formulae for a minute, shall we?

It’s possible that you already have one or two vats full of homemade lotion in your house since you already have a few containers of homemade lotion on hand. There is no expiry date associated with these choices.

Because DIY formulations do not include preservatives, they will eventually turn rancid or, in the worst-case scenario, contaminate themselves.

Liquid-based lotions have a shelf life of up to one year. Please keep in mind that once the food has been put in the bottle or jar, it should only be picked up with clean, dry fingers or a clean spoon to avoid introducing germs into the formula.

Your lotion has ceased to be effective

If you detect a distinct difference in odor after squishing the items, discard them. An unpleasant odor is produced as a by-product of microorganisms entering a formulation.

Inability to combine water-based lotions: If you’re dealing with water-based products, this may be an issue (water and oil do not mix). If the emulsifiers in your emulsion deteriorate, your emulsion may separate and create a lump of oil at the bottom of the container.

When skincare products are exposed to air and light, they may become yellow, orange, or brown. The appearance of new colors of lotion indicates the need to purchase a new product.

Suggestions for preserving hand and body lotion for a longer time:

  • The hand lotion should be stored in a cool, dark location at all times.
  • When making homemade hand lotion, don’t add any additional ingredients to the mixture.
  • Make certain that it does not get moist.
  • If necessary, replace the pump with a new one.
  • Hand lotion should never be kept in a moist atmosphere.

Now that the expiry date has gone, is it time to put your hand and body lotion to the back of the cupboard?

Hand and body creams should not be used after the expiry date on the label has passed. Mold, fungus, bacteria, and germs may be present in the lotion as a result of the manufacturing process. When you apply the lotion, these germs may enter your body.

There’s no need to be concerned since all over-the-counter lotions will provide you with protection against them. Hand lotions produced by hand or at home should be used with care; nevertheless, professionally prepared hand lotions should only be avoided if possible. This is one of the reasons why many lotions do not include preservatives. Others, on the other hand, do not incorporate them in any way.


In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “can lotion go bad?” and the ways to use it safely.

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