Can Juul pods go bad? 

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “Can Juul pods go bad?” methods to store e-cigars, ingredients present in the e-cigars, and dangers associated with using e-cigars.

Can Juul pods go bad?

No, Juul pods do not go bad. Juul pods though can experience a decrease in their flavor and quality over time. There is a reduction in the potency of nicotine over time. The e-liquids can develop a yellow or brownish color over time.

It is also recommended to keep Juul pods at room temperature and in a cool environment.

Depending on the habits of the user, Juul pods can last up to weeks or even a year, if it is not used frequently.

How to store Juul pods?

Storing the Juul pods appropriately can help in preserving the flavor of the pods over time. 

  • Clean the pods occasionally to help the Juul pods function properly. Remove the pod and clean the q-tip with a clean cloth.
  • Do not leave Juul pods without charging for 2 weeks. Remove the pod and charge the device entirely.
  • Keep the pods out of children or pets. 
  • Juul pods cannot be refilled. It has the capacity of 0.7 ml post which needs to be disposed of.
  • It is not recommended to store the pods for more than a year.

What exactly are Juul pods?

Juul pods are cartridges that contain nicotine in a liquid form and are consumed to obtain an addictive and satisfying feeling. Juul pods can also be called an e-cigarette.

They can also be charged just like you charge your phone by plugging them into a computer device. It looks similar to a USB device. 

How much nicotine does a Juul pod contain?

A single Juul pod would be equivalent to 20 cigarettes or 200 puffs according to Juul’s website. As a result, many young teenagers are easily addicted to e-cigarettes because of their high nicotine content.

Juul also claims that the nicotine delivered by consuming their e-cigarettes is also 2.7 times faster than other e-cigarettes.

What are the ingredients present in Juul pods?

Juul pods contain nicotine, flavor, benzoic acid, propylene glycol, and glycerine. 

Propylene glycol is used by e-cigarette companies to increase flavor and water content. Glycerine helps in increasing the thickness of the vapor produced by the e-cigarettes while Benzoic acid acts as a preservative. Nicotine acts as a stimulant.

Some e-cigarette companies also add in THC to increase the satisfying experience. THC increases the addictive property of the cigarette but can increase the damage to your health.

In the case of flavored Juul pods, apart from the above ingredients, there are flavors added to provide a satisfying experience. 

Creme brulee, mango, and fruit medley were some of the flavors that were being marketed by Juul pods but they stopped selling them in 2019.

Currently, Juul pods sell flavors like menthol, Virginia tobacco, and classic tobacco.

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What is the danger of using Juul pods?

Many teenagers are unaware of the fact that they are consuming nicotine. This was observed in the survey conducted by Truth Initiative in 2018. According to the study, about 60 percent of teenagers were unaware of the fact that they have been consuming nicotine.

Also, e-cigarettes like Juul pods contain more nicotine than normal cigars. This makes them more addictive. Flavors added to them also make them more flavorful and addictive. THC added to the e-cigars makes it a much more satisfying experience.

Individuals consuming e-cigarettes are likely to experience nausea, mouth, and throat irritation.

Consumption of e-cigarettes increases the risk of damaging lungs and if THC is added to the e-cigarettes, there is further damage to the lungs.

Consumption of e-cigars can also make an individual more prone to cardiovascular diseases. Consuming both e-cigars and normal cigars can amplify the amount of damage.

E-cigars have a component called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These compounds can pose a serious risk to the consumer’s heart, lungs, liver, and kidney functioning.

Non-smokers who use e-cigars might even turn to use normal cigars and the use of e-cigars does not guarantee that an individual would quit smoking.

The liquid juice inhaled by smokers can introduce other harmful substances including tin, nickel, lead as well as artificial flavorings and carbonyl compounds. 

Often e-cigars contain added flavors that make them appealing for teenagers. Teenagers have a developing brain and using e-cigars can stunt nervous system development and make them addicted to e-cigars.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “Can Juul pods go bad?” methods to store e-cigars, ingredients present in the e-cigars, and dangers associated with using e-cigars.