Can I use tomato puree instead of tomato sauce?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Can I use tomato puree instead of tomato sauce?” and will discuss the difference between tomato sauce and puree.

Can I use tomato puree instead of tomato sauce?

Yes, you can use tomato puree instead of tomato sauce. Tomato puree may be substituted for the tomato sauce in your recipe. Even though it is thicker than tomato sauce, it will be difficult to tell the difference in taste.

Tomato Puree: What Is It?

To make a thick sauce like tomato puree, the tomatoes must first be boiled briefly before they are strained in some manner. The peel and seeds of fresh tomatoes may be removed before mixing in a food processor on puree mode to make tomato puree.

Salt and some citric acid, such as lemon juice, are added while the tomatoes are being pureed. Premade tomato puree is available in cans and tubes at the grocery store. Once the prepared puree has been opened, it must be consumed immediately to avoid going bad. In contrast to the short shelf life of canned tomato puree, tomato puree in a tube may last for up to a month.

To avoid overpowering your dish’s flavor with acidity, unless you prepared the tomato puree yourself, use caution when adding it to a recipe. It’s the consistency and taste intensity that set tomato puree apart from tomato paste.

The thicker and more flavorful it is, the greater the consistency level. Tomato paste, tomato puree, and tomato sauce are the three thickest ingredients.

Tomato Sauce: What Is It?

When it comes to consistency, canned tomato sauce resembles tomato puree, although it is thinner. To enhance the taste, it’s often prepared with tomato puree and water or spices. Garlic, onion, basil, and oregano are examples of seasonings that go well with tomato sauce.

To make up for the shorter cooking time, tomato sauce has a higher acid content than tomato paste. Tomato paste has a sweeter flavor; thus, this won’t be as sweet. If you use water to thin down the sauce, the taste will be closer to tomato puree rather than tomato sauce, but it will have extra spice characteristics.

Tomato sauce vs. tomato purée: what’s the difference?

Rach explains that “tomato sauce” in the US is a foodstuff that is occasionally sweetened. “It has a silky texture and a little sweetness to it that I like. Toasted tomato purée is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a thicker version of whole or crushed canned tomatoes, boiled down to a purée “she goes on to say. You may also use crushed or whole canned tomatoes instead of purée in recipes that call for purée; it’s just a little more work.)

She goes on to say that “sauce generally connotes a sweeter product.” “For example, people would purchase a lot of tomato sauce for sloppy Joes.”

Alternatives for tomato sauce

Tomato paste

This tomato paste gives your meal a rich tomato taste and may be used in place of tomato sauce since it’s so simple to make. Due to the lower concentration of tomato sauce compared to tomato paste, you’ll need twice as much to get the same taste.

Is there a certain amount you require? When cooking, use one spoonful of tomato paste for every two to three teaspoons of tomato sauce. You may achieve the same texture and thickness of tomato paste by mixing one cup of water with three-quarters of a cup of tomato paste.

Recipes: When making Ropa Vieja or Moroccan Chicken in a slow cooker, swap out the tomato sauce with this tomato paste.

Canned tomatoes

Is there any way to make tomato sauce other than using canned tomatoes? They’re perfect for your dish because of their taste and thickness, which provide the tomato flavor you’re looking for. You’ll have to drain the juice from the diced tomatoes before using them since they’re packaged in cans with a lot of liquid. To compensate for the lack of concentrated flavor, use two cans of diced tomatoes instead of one.

Is there a certain amount you require? When making tomato sauce, you’ll need two teaspoons of canned tomatoes for everyone.

Recipes: The texture and flavor of your meal won’t be affected if your recipe calls for canned tomatoes and tomato sauce. Roasted eggplant spread or Chicken bean stew may be substituted in the kitchen.

Tomato juice

Tomato sauce is your best bet for a fresh alternative. Freshly squeezed or crushed tomatoes are used in the preparation of this sauce, and no artificial ingredients are used in any way. Use caution while using tomato juice since it spoils more rapidly than the alternatives.

Is there a certain amount you require? You may use 1 cup of tomato juice and salt or sugar for every 1/2 cup of tomato sauce and 1/2 cup of water. 

Recipes: You can replace tomato juice with tomato sauce in any recipe that calls for it. The only difference is that the juice is freshly squeezed, making it more flavorful.

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In this brief guide, we answered the query, “Can I use tomato puree instead of tomato sauce?” and discussed the difference between tomato sauce and puree.