Can I use pasta sauce for pizza?

In this article we will answer the question: “Can I use pasta sauce for pizza?” and discuss how you can use pasta sauce for pizza. 

Can I use pasta sauce for pizza?

Yes, with a few modifications, you can put pasta sauce on pizza.

For a thicker sauce, limit the amount of extra water that may be strained and simmer it for a longer period of time. Similarly, if your pasta sauce has big bits, run it through a blender or food processor to level it out. 

Pizza sauce is much thicker than pasta sauce. This is due to the fact that they are created from concentrated tomato puree. If the sauce is excessively runny, the dough runs risk of becoming soggy.

Since pasta sauce is created from crushed tomatoes, it is more diluted and so has a thinner quality. The texture also differs, with pizza sauce being smoother and pasta sauces being more chunky.

Furthermore, because it’s already cooked, cooking it again when you bake your pizza would be redundant and it may change the flavour of the sauce.

How can you use pasta sauce for pizza?

Here are some ways in which you can use pasta sauce for pizza. 

Before you start piling on the cheese and toppings for your ideal pizza, bear this in mind: pizza sauce and pasta sauce are not made equal, but you may still use it.

Pasta sauce can be put on pizza, but the effects will be different. If you’re simply cooking a normal home pizza, spaghetti sauce will still produce a delicious pizza, but the flavour will be different from what you’re used to.

It appears strange at first, but it begins to make sense as you think about it. By the use of undiluted tomato paste, pizza sauce has a thicker consistency. You want it light enough to distribute but not so dense that it gathers up on the dough.

Using pasta sauce for pizza

It’s sometimes just for fun to explore and try new things. That is one of the sheer delights of preparing your own food at home. Especially with pizza, you can pretty much add whatever you want on it.

If you’re yearning for homemade pizza but don’t have any pizza sauce on hand, spaghetti sauce might be a good substitute. Both are cooked using tomatoes and herbs. They often have the same uniformity as well.

Pasta sauce is precooked since it is often designed to be mixed with pasta. They also have a lot richer taste most of the time since they’ve been cooked and the components have had time to mingle. Some pasta sauces have a chunkier texture than pizza sauces.

Pizza sauce, on the other hand, is served raw. It also has a more straightforward taste profile. This is due to the fact that it is intended to enhance the other toppings you place on top of your pizza. Otherwise, the flavour of the toppings will be overpowered.

What are the different types of pasta sauces you can use for pizza?

The different types of pasta sauces you can use for pizza are salsa, barbeque sauce, pesto, white garlic sauce and buffalo sauce.  

What are some tips when using pasta sauce for pizza? 

Here are some tips you should remember when using pasta sauce for pizza. 

  • If you are out of pizza sauce but have a few cans of pasta sauce on hand, you can use that as a basis for your pizza.
  • Begin by straining the sauce to remove any extra water. Crushed tomatoes can produce more liquid than pureed tomatoes.
  • The spaghetti sauce will thereafter be thicker and smoother as a result of the processing. Transfer it to a mixing bowl, immersion blender, or high-powered blender to achieve this.
  • Allow it to pulse a couple more times to level it out while focusing on the consistency.
  • Seasoning should be adjusted. You may need to season it with salt and pepper, as well as any other spices you like. While mixing, the juice from the tomatoes may enable it to be a tad bland.
  • Stir it again, then strain the sauce to remove the water. Predicated on your pasta sauce, you now have a sufficiently thick pizza sauce.

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Final Thoughts 

To summarise, yes, you may use pasta sauce. However, you should be aware that it will not taste just like using real pizza sauce on your pizza. The question is whether you care about how real the sauce tastes. If you just want good handmade pizza, you may use whatever sauce you like.


In this article we have answered the question: “Can I use pasta sauce for pizza?” and discussed how you can use pasta sauce for pizza.