Can I use garlic powder instead of garlic salt? (+3 alternatives)

In this article, we will answer if garlic powder can be used instead of garlic salt or not, and what are the other substitutes for garlic salt along with the health benefits of garlic.

Can I use garlic powder instead of garlic salt?

Yes, garlic powder can be used instead of garlic salt by combining salt with it in a specific ratio. Garlic powder and garlic salt can both be considered the quick-fix seasoning. Both give the perfect garlic-like pungent flavor to the recipes without having the need to peel or chop fresh garlic cloves. Then what’s the difference between the two spices?

Read on if you want to know everything about garlic powder, garlic salt, and its substitutes.

How to use garlic powder as an alternative to garlic salt?

Garlic salt is made with garlic powder and salt in a 1:3 ratio, respectively. If you want to add an intense garlic flavor to your recipe then you can use more garlic powder and adjust the salt to your personal preference. Because if you keep adding garlic salt to make the garlic flavor stronger, you will end up ruining your recipe with too much salt.

Other alternatives of garlic salt

  1. If you do not have garlic powder to make garlic salt, you can use fresh garlic as a substitute. Use freshly chopped garlic and adjust the amount of salt according to the recipe and taste.
  2. Make garlic paste from freshly peeled and chopped garlic. Press the garlic in a sieve to extract maximum juice out of it. Add salt in garlic juice according to taste and add in your dip or sauce.
  3. If you want to skip extracting garlic juice, then use garlic paste with kosher or sea salt and use it to make marinades for meat, dressing for your salad, or mashed potatoes.

How to make garlic powder and garlic salt at home?

Garlic powder

  1. This is the simplest method to preserve your garlic if you bought it in bulk or if you want to save yourself the time and effort of peeling and chopping fresh garlic each time. Follow the steps below to make organic garlic powder at home.
  2. Peel your garlic and coarsely or finely chop it. Make sure that you chop the garlic into uniform pieces.
  3. Place the chopped garlic in a food dehydrator or a baking oven at 170°C. You can also use a microwave oven for this.
  4. Keep checking to avoid burning your garlic. If the pieces were chopped unevenly, you might wanna keep an eye on them and remove the pieces that dry out first, or else they will get burned and the powder will taste bitter.
  5. Do not rush. Let the drying take its time. Slow drying will lead to more flavorful and aromatic powder.
  6. Grind the dried pieces in a spice grinder and transfer the powder in a sterilized airtight container.
  7. Add a tbsp of rice to the container to prevent the residual moisture from spoiling the powder. Instead, you can also just shake the jar dor the first week to distribute the mixture evenly and thus preventing mold growth.
  8. Keep checking to see if the garlic pieces look dry 

Garlic salt

  1. Garlic salt is the easiest to make if you have kosher salt or sea salt and garlic powder in the pantry. Table salt can also be used but not recommended for the lack of flavor. Store-bought garlic salt has an anti-caking agent added to it that prevents the two powders from adhering to each other to avoid clumps.
  2. Mix kosher/sea salt and garlic powder in a 3:1 ratio, respectively.
  3. Transfer the mix to a sterilized airtight container.
  4. Store away from heat and moisture.

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Health benefits of garlic

Fights cold symptoms

Garlic helps ease cold symptoms and also reduces the chances of getting seasonal flu or common cold by promoting immune health.

Controls blood pressure

Garlic has been found to reduce the risk of heart diseases by reducing blood pressure.

Lowers cholesterol levels

Garlic lowers the LDL levels in the blood while having no considerable effect on HDL and triglyceride levels in the blood.


Garlic contains powerful antioxidants that have an anti-aging effect and reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Helps detoxify blood

Garlic has been found to fight the lead toxicity in the blood due to the sulfur compounds present in garlic.

Good for bones

Garlic has been found to increase estrogen hormone levels in women and can be used to treat osteoarthritis.


In this article, we will answer if garlic powder can be used instead of garlic salt or not, and what are the other substitutes for garlic salt along with the health benefits of garlic.


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