Can I use frozen eggs?

In this article, we will explore the question, “Can I use frozen eggs?” We will also discuss proper ways to freeze it.

Can I use frozen eggs?

Yes, frozen eggs can be used (1). If your refrigerator is too cold,  and eggs from your hens during winter can freeze (2). If the shell is intact, frozen eggs can be stored until needed and thawed in the refrigerator.

While freezing eggs at home may not be the most efficient method, it can be useful if you have excess eggs from a recent purchase.

When freezing eggs, you have the option to freeze the yolk and egg white separately based on their intended use. However, freezing may affect the texture of the yolk, making it thick and syrupy or less blendable with other ingredients (2). 

It is advisable to cook thawed frozen eggs before consumption to minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses (3). 

The egg processing industry offers a range of products, including frozen, chilled, and powdered liquid eggs with various added ingredients (1). 

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What should you do if you want to use already frozen eggs?

Frozen eggs can be used in cooked preparations. Freezing alters the texture of the yolk. It is recommended to thaw only the number of eggs needed for immediate use (1 and 3). 

Additionally, previously frozen eggs can be used as ingredients in cakes and desserts that require eggs. 

To defrost eggs, place them gradually overnight in the warmest section of the refrigerator. It’s important to note that yolks do not defrost as quickly as the whites due to their different nutrient compositions.

What are the safety recommendations to freeze yolk and egg whites? 

You have several options when it comes to freezing yolk and egg whites. Use fresh eggs, checking expiration dates (4). Freezing it in smaller servings is a practical approach. 

To store your eggs in the freezer, use a freezer-proof bag or container that will protect it from air and moisture. Make sure to remove as much air as possible from the container or bag (5).

Clean utensils like knives and cutting boards thoroughly with hot, soapy water to remove any food residues and bacteria, preventing cross-contamination (5).

By following these steps, you can maintain hygiene and ensure the safety of your egg ingredients.

What are some tips for freezing chicken eggs to ensure the best results?

When it comes to freezing eggs, it’s important to remove them from the shells beforehand. This is because the shells can crack when the liquid inside freezes and expands while in the shell (1). 

Instead, freeze lightly beaten eggs in their entirety. For optimal results, separate the yolks and whites before freezing (1 and 6). 

When freezing yolks alone or in combination with whites, they tend to freeze poorly and may turn into a thick paste when thawed. To prevent this, gently beat the yolks with a sprinkle of salt or sugar before using them in savory or sweet recipes.

How can I use yolk and egg whites? 

Yolk eggs: The utilization of egg yolks depends on the quantity available. They can be used in ice cream, pudding, shortbread, mayo, and sauces. Adding a yolk or two while cooking can enhance the richness of scrambled eggs. In the freezer (-18°C) yolk is stable for 3 weeks (3).

Egg whites: Although frozen egg whites may lose some of their foaming strength, they can still be used in any recipe that requires fresh egg whites. They are suitable for meringues, pavlovas, baked goods, and  candied nuts. In the freezer (-18°C) white eggs are stable for 5 weeks (3).

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In this article, we have addressed the question, ‘Can I use frozen eggs?’ Yes, you can use frozen eggs. It is recommended to use frozen eggs in cooked preparations. For optimal results, separate the yolks and whites before freezing. 


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