Can I thicken spaghetti sauce with cornstarch?

In this article, we will answer the question: “Can I thicken spaghetti sauce with cornstarch?” and discuss how you can thicken spaghetti sauce with cornstarch. 

Can I thicken spaghetti sauce with cornstarch?

Yes, you can thicken spaghetti sauce with cornstarch. There are several methods for making your spaghetti sauce thicker than it is. The most frequent method is to thicken it using tomato paste, but another simple method is to thicken it with starch, such as cornstarch.

Many people use flour to thicken sauces, but all-purpose flour can impair the flavour and texture of the sauce. Cornstarch has a neutral flavour and is simple to include into a pre-made sauce.

You don’t need to mix cornstarch with anything, unlike a roux, which is commonly made and then added to sauces.

Simply add a little cornstarch to your sauce and let it heat for a minute or two until it thickens. Too much cornstarch might affect the texture of your sauce, so be careful about that. 

How can you thicken spaghetti sauce with cornstarch?

Here are some ways in which you can thicken spaghetti sauce with cornstarch. 

The method of adding slurry is one that has no effect on the taste of the spaghetti sauce. A slurry is a thickening agent that comprises cornstarch and water in equal proportions. 

To prepare a slurry, just dissolve 1 tablespoon of cornstarch in 1 tablespoon of water. Mix it thoroughly until everything is fully blended.

Then, 1 tablespoon at a time, add it to the sauce. Pour in only a small amount of slurry at a time. It thickens as it cooks and integrates into the sauce.

Stir the sauce constantly until you detect a difference in consistency before determining whether or not to add more.

When you’ve reached the desired consistency, turn off the heat and remove the saucepan from the fire. The longer the sauce is cooked with the slurry, the thicker it will become. So keep an eye on it or you’ll wind up with a paste instead of a sauce.

The technique of thickening spaghetti sauce may seem complex and you never know what you’ll end up with. When adding any thickening agent to your sauce, the main tip to remember is to use restraint.

To see if the sauce is thick enough, use a spoon or ladle to split the sauce in the centre. The sauce should gradually fill the route your spoon took.

Thickening spaghetti sauce with cornstarch

If you unintentionally make the sauce too thin, you could thicken it with cornstarch.

If you’re wondering what the flavour of cornstarch is, it has the benefit of not having a distinct flavour, so it won’t interfere with the original flavour when combined with the tomato sauce.

Cornstarch, on the other hand, will assist the sauce become glossy and smooth.

You don’t even need any additional oils to get cornstarch to function. Simply combine a little bit of cornstarch with a small amount of water to produce a thick paste, then add the gelatinous combination to your spaghetti sauce.

A Cornstarch Slurry is a quick and easy approach to thicken your sauce that will not affect the flavour in any way. To produce the slurry, use 1 part cornstarch and 1 part water. 

As with any of these thickening agents, apply the slurry gradually and in stages. Every time you add a bit, mix it around and see whether you still need to add more.

What are the different types of spaghetti sauces?

The most popular and different types of spaghetti sauces are bolognese, ragu, marinara, pesto, alfredo and carbonara.

What are some tips when thickening spaghetti sauce with cornstarch? 

The following are some tips to remember when thickening spaghetti sauce with cornstarch.

  • You may either whisk a little quantity into the spaghetti sauce before letting it boil for a few minutes, or make a slurry by combining cornstarch and water in a 1:1 ratio.
  • When it has reached a smooth finish, stir it into the sauce while it simmers. Let the sauce simmer for 2 minutes more, or until it reaches a thick consistency.
  • Though it works rapidly, don’t be too eager to add more to the sauce. When you’re finished, turn off the heat and set the sauce aside.
  • Aside from the cornstarch, water, a bowl, and a fork to mix it with, you don’t need much more for this procedure.
  • Remember not to add too much before letting it work.

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Final Thoughts 

If you desire excellent and appealing spaghetti, you need to know how to thicken spaghetti sauce for an amazing flavour.

Making spaghetti at home is simple, but not everyone understands how to produce a rich and flavorful spaghetti sauce. As a result, learning this skill is critical.


In this article, we have answered the question: “Can I thicken spaghetti sauce with cornstarch?” and discussed how you can thicken spaghetti sauce with cornstarch.