Can I roast coffee using an airfryer?

In this short text we will give the answer to the question: “Can I roast coffee using an airfryer?”. In addition, we will teach you how to roast coffee at home without using the Airfryer and explain the techniques for roasting coffee beans at home.

Can I roast coffee using an airfryer?

Yes, you can roast your coffee beans using an airfryer. If you want a light to medium roast, air fryers can be a great method for roasting fresh coffee beans at home relatively quickly. However, if you want a darker roast, you will not be able to use the airfryer because of the temperature, conventional air fryers cannot reach the ideal temperature for a dark roast.

Roasting coffee beans in a deep fryer is relatively quick, especially if you want a light to medium roast. It will take between 12 to 15 minutes to get a light to medium roast, including preheating the fryer.

While it is a little longer than other homemade roasting options, this method is very easy to use. You should stir the coffee beans from time to time in your airfryer so they don’t roast unevenly. Also, you should put a few coffee beans at a time in the Airfryer for roasting.

How to roast coffee at home besides using Airfryer?

There is specific equipment for roasting coffee beans at home, but for most coffee lovers, the investment does not offer good value for money.

But you don’t have to spend a lot to try the roasting process in an amateur way, as there are simple techniques available to everyone.

Using the electric popcorn maker

Even the simplest models of electric popcorn makers offer good results for roasting coffee at home. The secret is to use a small amount of raw grains, which must be placed in the container intended for corn. The smaller the amount of coffee used, the higher the quality of the roast.

Using the conventional oven

To roast in the oven, you need to use a tall roasting pan with small holes in the base — they must be small enough so that the beans do not pass through the pan, but at the same time large enough to allow hot air to pass through.

It is also important that the grains do not overlap and form a single layer. This process to roast coffee at home takes between 15 to 20 minutes with the oven at a temperature close to 230ºC.

Using the stove

The process is the same simple: the beans must be placed in the pot over the stove flame, with constant agitation so that the coffee does not burn.

Is roasting coffee at home easy?

Roasting coffee at home is an extremely simple process, but there are a few tricks to always get the best result:

  • Use good quality raw coffee beans
  • Roast the coffee in small amounts
  • Pay attention to the aroma of the beans when heated
  • Monitor the roasting process and check the color of the coffee
  • Light brown roast results in a light bodied coffee
  • The medium brown roast presents good sweetness and pleasant aroma
  • Dark brown roast prepares a fuller coffee, good for espresso coffee
  • Black roast results in bitter, burnt coffee
  • Let the coffee rest before brewing the drink
  • Wait until the beans have completely cooled down before proceeding with grinding

When they start to roast, the beans should make popping sounds (as in popcorn) due to the loss of water. At this point, it is necessary to redouble attention and monitor the color and aroma of the beans until they reach the desired result.

Roasting coffee at home can become a fun and enjoyable ritual, whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee alone or impressing friends and family by making the drink. Either way, experimenting and improving the roasting process guarantees delicious coffee every day!

What are green coffee beans?

Green coffee beans are those that have not yet been roasted and can be purchased at a specialty coffee shop. However, before buying them, carry out a market study to know the main properties of coffee beans, their plants and their growing region. 

The most appreciated coffee beans on the market are Arabica coffee beans, as they have a superior quality compared to others.

To properly roast green coffee beans at home, you need to do it in small quantities. If you want, you can use the usual popcorn pan or buy professional roasting equipment. The most viable option is to use the kitchen oven and this must be heated to temperatures between 250ºC and 270ºC. 

Afterwards, put small amounts of green coffee beans in the respective pot and wait about 8 to 10 minutes for them to be well cooked. Coffee beans, like popcorn, pop inside the pan and release an oil that is later removed during the cooling process.


In this short text we gave the answer to the question: “Can I roast coffee using an airfryer?”. In addition, we taught you how to roast coffee at home without using the Airfryer and explained the techniques for roasting coffee beans at home.


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