Can I replace parsley with coriander?

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Can I replace parsley with coriander?” We will also discuss the differences between coriander and cilantro and how parsley differs from cilantro. Moreover, we will also describe the best substitutes for fresh coriander.

Can I replace parsley with coriander?

Yes, you can replace parsley with coriander leaves in most cases even though they have different flavors and aromas. This is because the two plants have a very close resemblance in appearance and some flavors to some extent. 

Coriander has stronger flavors and may overpower your dish, so use it accordingly when using it in place of parsley.

How does parsley differ from fresh coriander?


At first glance, anyone could be confused between cilantro and parsley as the two leafy herbs could basically pass as twins. They look very similar yet very distinct. They have very close resemblance but you can easily tell them apart by having a closer look. 

The pointed curly leaves of parsley are what sets it apart from cilantro whose leaves are rounder in shape with distinct sharp edges. Likewise, parsley is bright green while coriander has a darker shade of green.

Flavor and aroma

Another property that distinguishes coriander and parsley is their flavors and fragrance. While parsley has a mild, herbal, and grassy flavor, coriander is well known for its extreme flavors. Cilantro leaves are very pungent and citrusy. 

They are definitely more flavored than parsley. Some people even describe the smell of cilantro as soap-like due to its extremely pungent nature.

Culinary Uses 

Another notable difference is in the way they are used while cooking. In terms of its use in cooking, parsley is a more versatile herb than cilantro. Both the leaves and roots of parsley can be used separately while cooking different dishes but in the case of coriander, only the leaves and stems are edible. 

Also, the most common use of cilantro is in garnishing but parsley is a multipurpose herb.  Parsley roots are used to prepare soups, stews, and even vegetables as well. Both coriander and parsley leaves are used for garnishing. But, unlike cilantro, parsley retains most of its flavor when cooked.

Are coriander and cilantro the same?

This is a common question that most people have, and the answer is no, coriander powder and cilantro are not the same. Unlike the difference between coriander powder and dried coriander seeds, the difference between cilantro and ground coriander is huge. Not only do they smell different but their flavors are also completely different from one another.

If we’re talking about cilantro then the opinions are always divided. Many people hate its strong pungent aroma. Some even say it smells like soap. However, like I said the opinion is divided so the people who love it, love it anyway. 

You can use it as a garnish for a fresh and lemony aroma or you can cook it with the ingredients, it depends on you. Either way, the dish will have a slightly different aroma. 

In the case of coriander powder, it’s a widely used spice in different types of cuisines all over the world. Its mild and warm flavors and aroma make it a perfect choice of spice for any kind of recipe.

What are the best substitutes for fresh coriander?

Finding the exact flavors of fresh coriander is not possible, but for people who don’t like the extremely pungent and soap like taste and smell of fresh coriander, you can use these replacements:


Parsley is a leafy herb that comes from the plant Petroselinum crispum from the same family as coriander. The leaves are bright green and are used as a spice in the preparation of different cuisines. Parsley is widely used as a garnish, condiment, food, and flavoring herb in numerous dishes. 

Due to its strong resemblance to coriander, people often confuse them with each other. It’s slightly bitter than coriander but brings similar fresh and flavorful notes to cilantro. 

Parsley doesn’t have citrusy undertones like cilantro but you can add lemon juice to get that perfect flavor. To know more about the use of parsley in your recipes, please click the link here.


Basil has a similar citrusy taste to fresh coriander, so it works well when you’re replacing it with fresh coriander. There are different types of basil you can choose from. 

You can add thai basil for similar flavors. It can also be chopped finely and used as a garnish to make your dish pop up even more.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Can I replace parsley with coriander?” We have also discussed the differences between coriander and cilantro and how parsley differs from cilantro. Moreover, we will also describe the best substitutes for fresh coriander.


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