Can I mix green tea and coffee?

In this text we will answer the question if you can mix green tea with coffee. In addition, we will bring the benefits of consuming each of these drinks, as well as the amount of caffeine ingested when consuming them.

Can I mix green tea and coffee?

Yes, you can mix green tea with coffee! Although caffeine is more effective, a study from Northumbria University in England proved that if we drink tea and coffee together, the alert effect of caffeine is potentiated.

Most people who are coffee lovers don’t give up enjoying a fresh coffee before starting the day, however, its main component – caffeine – has been rated as a health villain for a long time.

However, currently, studies are being conducted to unravel its benefits and debunk these myths about the substance that, if used correctly, is not only not harmful but can also prevent and even fight various diseases.

The substance activates important regions in the brain and its stimulating effect is associated with the potentiation of the cognitive system. It is also capable of improving physical performance, as it decreases the perception of effort when practicing an exercise. That way, the activity looks easier than it really is.

Tea or coffee: which one will make me more awake?

Based only on beverage composition, coffee would win by far in the amount of caffeine ingested: an ordinary cup of filter coffee contains 80 to 115 milligrams of caffeine, while the same amount of tea has half the dose of the substance (40 milligrams). ).

But that’s not exactly what counts. A study conducted by Unilever in Great Britain found that both drinks leave their drinkers feeling the same level of alertness as the hours go by.

It was also observed that concentration indicators, such as reaction time to a stimulus, for example, did not show great differences between who drank tea and who drank coffee.

What’s more: when ingesting a double dose of tea, the drink proved to be even more efficient in sharpening the mind than coffee.

Scientists have concluded that caffeine dosage is not everything: perhaps our expectations also determine our alertness; or even, the mixture of flavors and odors can help to awaken our senses.

In addition, you can obtain it by making a blend between both drinks and enhancing their effects.

Powerful thermogenics

To metabolize ingested food, the body requires a certain amount of energy, which varies according to the complexity of the process.

Some take longer than others, especially thermogenic ones, so they consequently spend more calories and help in the fat burning process.

Thermogenics are able to raise the body’s internal temperature, thus, the burning of lipids increases to try to stabilize these levels, this induces the metabolism to work at a faster rate for longer.

Therefore, thermogenic foods such as coffee, green tea and black tea are great allies in the fight against the balance and can be consumed throughout the day to get more energy and energy to face the routine of work, studies and gym.

It is recommended that the intake be made during the day, before the main meals and training, to optimize the performance of physical activities. In addition, it is necessary to avoid exaggeration so that the stimulating effect does not harm your sleep.

Taste and health

The best news is that, contrary to what was believed in common sense, regular tea and coffee is not related to heart disease and still brings a number of benefits to the body.

In addition to coffee, where caffeine is present in greater amounts, the substance is also found naturally in some foods such as cocoa, guarana and teas such as yerba mate, but especially black tea and green tea.

In addition, there are some products such as soft drinks, energy drinks and even medications that have artificially added caffeine.

It is possible to alternate consumption of food sources of the substance to obtain all its benefits. 

For those who already like coffee, it is interesting to combine consumption with teas to enhance its effects. 

In the case of those who have a gastrointestinal problem, such as heartburn, gastritis or reflux, the best option may be to ingest teas, which are a milder version with the same effectiveness, especially in the case of green tea and black tea, which have more properties. therapeutic than other herbal infusions.

The bottom line

You can mix coffee with green tea without any problems, as long as it’s made in moderation, because both drinks have caffeine in their composition and this compound is thermogenic and causes problems if ingested in excess. What makes the poison is the dose, remember that. In addition, there are other beneficial effects to the human body when consuming these beverages in addition to caffeine intake.

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In this text we answered the question if you can mix green tea with coffee. In addition, we brought the benefits of consuming each of these drinks, as well as the amount of caffeine ingested when consuming them.