Can I freeze sour cream

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “can I freeze sour cream?” We will also discuss what is the shelf life of sour cream, its shelf life, and some signs that help you to notice spoilage in this ingredient.

Can I freeze sour cream?

Yes, you can freeze sour cream. However, most experts say that sour cream should not be frozen because when defrosted the texture can be severely affected. This is why several recommendations need to be attended to.

It is recommended to use frozen sour cream only to prepare dishes that will be submitted to a cooking treatment, this way the texture would not mess up with the quality of the dish. Keep reading to find out about the best way to place sour cream in the freezer.

How to freeze sour cream?

Freezing sour cream is easy to do, and this method can help you enlarge the shelf life of this ingredient. However, it does not mean that the qualities of sour cream will remain untouched. There are different methods to achieve this

  • You can keep your sour cream in its original container. However, you do need to place it inside a freezer bag to prevent the dehydration of the product if the container pops open because of the expansion during freezing.
  • You can divide it into smaller containers. Doing this will prevent you from thawing more cream than needed. All you need to do is to get freezer-appropriate containers, place the cream inside them, squeeze out the air, and seal them.
  • You can use an ice cube tray. This will allow you to portion better the sour cream and use the indicated amount of cream. After they have frozen into the tray, it is time to place them inside a freezer bag to prevent freezer burn.

What are the consequences of freezing sour cream?

The reason why freezing sour cream is not that recommended is that the texture can become grainy. So, we can say that freezing sour cream causes it to negatively change its texture and taste.

Also, when defrosting sour cream the quality of the ingredient can be severely affected. After defrosting sour cream, the texture can exhibit a lumpy texture.

Sour cream contains an important amount of fat, and when frozen, it separates from the watery compounds, so it might look very unappealing when sour cream is defrosted. It is normal that after thawing, you can notice a coagulated texture.

How to thaw frozen sour cream?

So, how do you need to thaw frozen sour cream to avoid the effects of its separation in water and clumps of cream. It is recommended to thaw your sour cream only when you are going to use it because frosting it again might not be the best idea.

The best way to thaw the frozen sour cream is to store it in the fridge the night before the day you use it, or until it is completely defrosted. When you use an ice cube tray to freeze the cream you can use it as it is with some recipes, like soups and stews.

Food experts suggest using thawed sour cream only with dishes that will be cooked or baked. So, it is important to say that defrosted sour cream is not advisable to be used as a topping.

What is the shelf life of sour cream?

When you buy sour cream, you can easily spot the labeled date, but this does not mean that it will expire that exact day, only the quality will start to decay. However, sour cream usually lasts for one to two weeks past this date.

Shelf life of sour cream
TypeIn the fridge
Sour cream, unopened1 to 2 weeks past best-by date
Sour cream, opened2 weeks

If the sour cream has been submitted to poor storing conditions, the time might be reduced. If it has a sour smell, has some mold, or any lumps are exhibited, it might mean that your cream has gone bad.

How can you tell when sour cream has gone bad?

Your senses will help you notice when your sour cream is no longer suitable for your consumption, some of these signs are

  • Off smell. A rancid and sour smell can indicate when your cream needs to be tossed.
  • Mold growth. When you spot some mold growing in the surface of the product, or inside the container, it is better to throw it away. And do not smell it, because it can be detrimental for your lungs.
  • Yellow colorations. Cream has a white coloration, so when this whiteness is lost, it is time to say goodbye to this product.

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