Can I eat street food in Thailand? (a beginner’s guide)

In this article, we answered the following question: Can I eat street food in Thailand? We give you 11 unique tips for eating street food in Thailand and to take your trip to the next level!

Can I eat street food in Thailand?

You can eat street food in Thailand, and it is not an act of faith or courage, but an essentially gastronomic recommendation. We don’t know how long it will last and that’s why you have to hurry. An activity with a great tradition that, how are these things, seems to have mutated into fashion and trend and that maybe now becomes history. 

For the Thai people, eating on the street is an essential social (and economic) act for a lifetime. However, times change and jobs in Bangkok are in danger of extinction according to a new policy that is already beginning to dismantle those that do not meet minimum health standards. 

Thais do not cook at home, they eat at street stalls to be able to socialize. By the way, eating on the street is hygienic, since the food is bought and cooked on the same day. So don’t be afraid.

11 tips for eating street food in Thailand

1. You have to dare – Out with castrating prejudices. Eating street food in Thailand is a must. Even if it’s eating soup straight out of plastic bags, even if it’s eating scorpions strung on a skewer.

2. If there are people, queue – This is a great tip. The busiest stalls with a local clientele are usually the best. If you go to a lonely post, it may be because the food is not from a good source.

3. Seal of quality  – Open your eyes wide and look at the stalls in Bangkok that have Shell Shuan Shim distinction (includes a drawing of a bowl), a guarantee of quality.

4. Cooked in sight – The normal thing is that in these street food stalls everything is cooked on-site in front of the customers. If some process is skipped, if the precooked does not convince you, or if products of suspicious origin are removed from the hat, laugh at the game.

5. Visit the markets – Nothing better to feel the pulse of a city than to visit its markets. If they are food, better. In Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai, to name just three examples of key cities, the offer is wide and recommended. Be careful, get up early, and stick your nose where they don’t call you. Because they do call you.

6. Floating markets – A variant of the previous tip. The floating markets Amphawa and Damnoen Saduak are two essential options to discover how street licking moves from the asphalt to the boats on the water. As picturesque as it is tasty.

7. Gobble Tom Yum – Thai street food offers plenty of delicious bites, but it would be unforgivable to miss out on this shrimp, chicken, or fish soup, with a dense bottom and vibrant hints of ginger, lime, coriander, and chili.

8. Insects: no problem – Worms, larvae, grasshoppers, caterpillars, beetles, cockroaches … A whole range of this animal world that does not usually have the predicament of the most finicky tourist but is still one of the attractions of Thai street food. 

Find out about the best stalls and markets where you can binge on the most unprejudiced possible. Generally, they do not stop being crunchy and salty bites. They are the snacks in the country.

9. Coconut water for miles – Despite the fact that we tell you that there is usually no danger and that most positions are a guarantee of quality and hygiene, your stomach is contrary to us. Okay, locate the nearest coconut water stand and this liquid will stop the disaster.

10. Spicy, have mercy – We may be very brave and think that spicy does not affect us. Be careful, the western scale is far from being the Thai one. There a moderately burning dish stings like hell. 

11. Price – Also, Thai street food is not cheap. It is more than cheap, very cheap! Even if a street vendor has a lot of customers, he will never charge you more than THB 40-60 ($ 1-1.5). Let’s not say if you visit a market outside the tourist route: for very little money you will eat like a king! So eating at street stalls will do your travel budget and of course, your palate and stomach a favor.

12. The fruits – As for breakfast, Thais usually have noodles or rice soup. A good option is always to have fruit for breakfast. Fruit in Thailand tastes better! You will find pineapple, mango, watermelon, and coconut wherever you go. 

Do not miss the opportunity to also try different fruits such as dragonfruit, mangosteen, or stinky durian. Remember that if at any time you feel sick to your stomach, drinking coconut water will help you recover. This is also true for hangovers!

The bottom line

In this article, we answered the following question: Can I eat street food in Thailand? We gave you 11 unique tips for eating street food in Thailand and to take your trip to the next level!

Eating street food in Thailand is a tradition, the perfect occasion to socialize with locals and get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid, try it and we are sure you will love it. Just make sure you follow our tips, to also be safe!

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